Security for Photo Sharing on Social Media using Image Processing


  • Mrs. Manisha Vipin Vibhute Y. B. Patil Polytechnic, Akurdi, Pune
  • Mrs. Sulakshana Nishikant Bhatlawande Y. B. Patil Polytechnic, Akurdi, Pune


Face Detection, Social Media, Photo Sharing, Privacy


Now a Days Sharing of Photo’s on social media is a adorable thing. But Some times, it may be release
users’ security if they are giving permission to post, comment, and mark a photo’s openly. So in this paper, we are
trying to find out solution of this issue and handle the situations when a user shares a photo containing individuals
other than him/her. To Predict possible security leakage of a photo, we can develop a system which enable each
individual in a photo aware of the posting activity and share in the decision making on the photo sharing. Finally, we
require a strong face detection structure that can see everyone in the photo. The other scenario, all the additionally
asking for security setting might control the photos’ quantity freely available to design the Face detection system In
this paper we have explained the condition if a client shares a photo containing people other than herself/himself
then how proposed a system will identify the owner of photo and without his/her permission the client can not share
the photo on social media



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Mrs. Manisha Vipin Vibhute, & Mrs. Sulakshana Nishikant Bhatlawande. (2022). Security for Photo Sharing on Social Media using Image Processing. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 9(11), 1–3. Retrieved from