Enhancement in Execution Time and Resource Utilization using Scheduling in Cloud Computing


  • Asst. Prof. Nishant Sanghani Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET
  • Asst. Prof. Pooja Vasani Computer Science & Engineering, AITS
  • Asst. Prof. Ravi Khimani Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET


Cloud computing, Virtual Machine, Cloud Reports, Cloudlets, Pre-emptable Shortest Job Next


Cloud computing is a popular topic all over the world nowadays, through which customers can access
different types of resources and computer power via a web browser as a service . Cloud computing has emerged as a
popular solution to provide easy access to externalized IT resources. One of its major advantages leading to its
widespread application includes concepts of virtualization. There are different resources in cloud environment
like Virtual Machine ,CPU resource, Memory ,Hard disk space of server machines located in datacenter. The server
machines are consuming energy to provide services to users in cloud computing. For analyzing the resource
allocation as well as utilization in cloud computing environment which is scalable to n servers then we will require
Cloud scheduling which will create the virtualized resources as per requirement. The main aim of this work is to
enhance the execution time and resource utilization of different in form of a cloudlets using Cloudlet scheduling



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Asst. Prof. Nishant Sanghani, Asst. Prof. Pooja Vasani, & Asst. Prof. Ravi Khimani. (2016). Enhancement in Execution Time and Resource Utilization using Scheduling in Cloud Computing. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from https://ijarest.com/index.php/ijarest/article/view/2189