Evolution of Wifi Towards Lifi


  • Dhara Patoliya CSE, SLTIET
  • Hemali Depani CSE, SLTIET


Li-Fi, Wi-Fi, LED Lights, Wireless, VLC, Bits and Fiber optics


Li-Fi stands for Light-Fidelity,For the fast increasing gadgets and to improve more effective use of lights a
new technology is developed which is called- LIFI. Lifi is a modern technology which is used in progression with WIFI
technology. LIFI uses LED lights which helps in faster and flexible data transfer transmitted through Wi-Fi. Li-Fi can
provide wireless indoor communication. The data transfer through LIFI is in bits and is much faster than Wifi. Li-Fi is
the transfer of data through light by taking fiber out of fiber optics and sending data through LED light.



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