3D Internet


  • Hina K. Patodiya Computer Science and Engineering, Shri Labhubhai Trivedi Institute of Engg. & Tech
  • Raj V. Hingrajia Mechanical Engineering, Shri Labhubhai Trivedi Institute of Engg. & Tech


Internet; 3D,Depth perception, Internet of things, Augmented reality, Applications.


Web today has turned into a vital piece of our lives. The World Wide Web which began as a little dull
information archive has now gotten to be monstrous and crucial. Present exercises being mostly or totally connected
with the virtual world can be enhanced to a larger amount. Each movement connected with our everyday life is
mapped and identified with some substance in the advanced world. The world has seen unlimited progressions in
Internet and in 3D stereoscopic presentations Time has come consolidate the two to convey another level of
experience to the clients. 3D Internet is a thought which is yet to be executed and requires programs having the
property of profundity discernment and manmade brainpower. On the off chance that this property is joined then the
thought of Internet of things can turn into a reality which is likewise talked about in this paper. In this paper we have
examined the components, conceivable setup strategies, applications, and points of interest and deterrents confronted
in the usage of 3D Internet.



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