An Imerging Trends of Holographic Technology and it’s Future


  • T.C.Detroja Student,LTIET,Rajkot
  • H.C.Detroja Lecturer,AITSDS,Rajkot
  • N.C.Kaneriya Lecturer,AVPTI,Rajkot


component; Hologram, Holography, 3D Projection, illumination, coherent light beam


Holography term comes from the Greek word. HOLO means whole and GRAPHY means to write or to
project something. Actually it is the development of Hologram. Holography is the technology which maps the real
world into imaginary 3D model. This technology gives the 3D projection of any model without geographic locations. It
uses in various movies, Political campaign, medical field and at so many other places. It is going to be the best
technology of future.



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