A User Centered Perspective Framework for Web Search


  • Nikita K. Shukla Computer Engineering, AVPTI, Rajkot
  • Jemi M. Pavagadhi Computer Engineering, AVPTI, Rajkot
  • Manilal B. Kalariya Computer Engineering, AVPTI, Rajkot


Metasearch Engine, Data Fusion, Information Retrieval, Page Rank, Crawler, Dampster Shefer’s Theory of evidence


The Internet, and Specially the World Wide Web playing an important role of the current information
age because of the huge amount of information and the large number of users who get access to this information.
Data fusion on the web refers to the merging of the ranked document which is a unified single list; those are
retrieved in response to the user query by more than one web search engine. Metasearch engine perform it and
their merging algorithm utilize the information present in the ranked list of retrieved documents provided to them
by the search engine, such as the ranked position of the retrieved documents and their retrievals scores. This
paper investigates information retrieved by web search engine and provides effective and usable information to



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