Impact of IoT (Internet of Things) on Libraries


  • Namrata M.Joshi Librarian, Shri Labhubhai Trivedi Engineering College, Rajkot


IoT, Internet Of Things, Impact on Libraries


Nowadays, We are using internet in communication with human –human. But Internet of things is a
technology which provide communication to things . Any object will have a unique identification and address, so that
every object can be connected. It is 1995 for IoT. We heard about today’s technologies in 1995 and now we are using
them frequently. Around 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to by the year 2020.When every sector will
connected with IoT, libraries also will need transform its services. An attempt has been made to explain Introduction
of IoT, its growth and impact on service industry , Impact on library Services and its expanded use in library.



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