Money Counter Application


  • Banugariya Nirali Student, SLTIET,Rajkot,India
  • Domadiya Darshika Student, SLTIET, Rajkot,India
  • Kanzariya Hetal Student, SLTIET,Rajkot,India
  • Nimavat Disha Student, SLTIET,Rajkot,India




Now a day’s Money Counter Machine available but it’s not portable and small size. Today
widely use of money counter in mall, bank, company. It count and easily but it size is very big and it’s not
portable. Our project is money counter application. We can count money or currency using mobile
application. We can count money with mobile application in our application. We use mobile camera and
count money. It is very easy to use and portable. We can count money any time and every place because
this application in our mobile phone. It is more flexible and portable.



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Banugariya Nirali, Domadiya Darshika, Kanzariya Hetal, & Nimavat Disha. (2016). Money Counter Application. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from