Email Based Trust Management System


  • Alpesh Patanwadia CSE, SLTIET College,Rajkot
  • Bhaumik Macchi CSE, SLTIET College Rajkot


component; Email Based Trust management System, Email Security, Digital Signature Based Trust management system


Trust management has received a lot of attention recently as it is an important component of decision
making for electronic commerce, Internet interactions. Email based trust management system prevent the email
based fraud. In this paper I am going to explain the trust management approach for the e-mail based environment
encryption system using digital signature. Simple Mail Transport Protocol is the most widely adopted protocol for
e-mail delivery. However, it lacks security features for privacy, authentication of sending party, integrity of e-mail
message, nonrepudiation and consistency of e-mail envelope. This digital signature system takes into account the
device limitations and thus generates a functional digital signature. Email is encrypted with the public key of
receiver and decrypted by receiver’s private key & the email is sign by digital signature so that email server can
accept that email.



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