• Nirav Goti Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET
  • Chirag Gojaria -
  • Twinkle Jadeja -
  • Denisha Modi Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET


Fingerprint payment, itouch, online-payment, online-documents


In today’s hectic life it’s next to impossible that we don’t forget our things. Many of the times it’s the wallet
when we are out for shopping, sometimes we forget our important files and documents and we have got an important
meeting. And many a times some important documents like passport and so on. Keeping in mind all this problems we
decided to work upon it and concluded upon a one simple solution to all the problems and that is the “I-TOUCH”. This
technique is useful to everyone. In this technique we can give access to all the data by simply using our fingerprint with
a secure pin code. It manages all the bank accounts, you can give authorized access to our family members, make
payments; can keep important documents such as passport, driving license, etc. It can be customized in many more
features. And on top of it we get the best security and can access our data in minutes.



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