A Survey on Mobile Devices and types of Ofloading Algorithms


  • Darshan Thoria CSE, SLTIET
  • Drashti Hirani M.E.C.E
  • Vishal Kansagara CSE, SLTIET


mobile devices; computation; offloading; communication; performance; power; survey


Mobile phones are essential part of our society. They are becoming smarter day by day. They are used for
several purposes like watching videos online, gaming, documentation, of course for communication and many more.
More usage leads to more computation; it results in more usage of power and finally results in lower battery backup.
A Cloud computing for mobile devices rose like a saviour. This paper includes a survey on various Mobile Cloud
Computing Methods used for offloading.



How to Cite

Darshan Thoria, Drashti Hirani, & Vishal Kansagara. (2016). A Survey on Mobile Devices and types of Ofloading Algorithms. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from https://ijarest.com/index.php/ijarest/article/view/2136

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