Present Methodologies for Audio Base Music Classification


  • Vinod R Patil Asso Prof, Dept of E&TC, RCPIT Shirpur
  • Manisha S Patil Asst Prof, Dept of Computer Engg, SSVP’s BSD COE Dhule
  • Tushar H Jaware Research Scholar, SSGMCE Shegaon


feature selection, feature extraction, classifier, MIR, audio, genre


Large audio database available like storage device , CDs, internet, etc. music information retrieval an
emerging research area .There are many classification class in music like genre classification, mood classification,
artist recognition, instrument recognition, etc. In this paper we summarize the different types of feature set and
techniques for feature extraction and music classification. The paper focuses on different types of classifier used for
different classification tasks.



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Vinod R Patil, Manisha S Patil, & Tushar H Jaware. (2016). Present Methodologies for Audio Base Music Classification. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from