The Power of Brain: Brain Computer Interfacing


  • Shivrajsinh Rayjada Electronics and Communication Department, B.H.gardi college of engineering and technology, Rajkot


Power of brain, BCI, Computer Interfacing, Machine Interfacing, Brain Computer Interfacing, Brain Machine Interfacing


A promising means to give back basic communication abilities and a small degree of autonomy to locked-in
persons are BCIs. BCI is used to measure the magnetic and electric activity of the brain. The BCI will be the new way
of to communicate from person to person and from person to a machine. Brain–computer interfaces (BCI’s) give their
users communication and control channels that do not depend on the brain’s normal output channels of peripheral
nerves and muscles. Different then the communication, BCI can also be used for the purpose of the multimedia. For
more you can imagine that a game is being is played by the multiplayer using BCI. Now a days there is explosion of the
research in advance in mobile technologies, bio sensors, data acquisition, data transfer, space research, holographic
and advance humanoid robot, but now the future will be of the controlling and interfacing of brain with machine
rather than any controlling device’s. For these BCI will be the upcoming technologies for the future decades.



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