‘Beacon’ a Retail's hope: Shopping that's personal


  • Krunal Vasani CSE, SLTIET
  • Darshan Thoria CSE, SLTIET
  • Drashti Hirani M.E.C.S.E


ecommerce and retail, beacon technology, low cost hardware, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), personalize marketing


since retailers has accepted to provide seamless shopping to the consumers, the line between online and
offline shopping is becoming soften. Today shoppers always want to be connected in real time, enchanting, relevant
shopping experiences at home, online and in the store or we can say everywhere, on any device. As a result, beacons
enters to the world of retailers‟, which is one of the leading ways to enhance in store experience by connecting with
customers through their mobile devices. Beacon technology has potential to alter the consumer retail experience
dramatically, however it is recent development and so it can be complicated and may be raise some important security
and privacy concerns. In this paper we are giving basic fundamental knowledge to the beacon technology, its uses, risks
and rewards.



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Krunal Vasani, Darshan Thoria, & Drashti Hirani. (2016). ‘Beacon’ a Retail’s hope: Shopping that’s personal. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from https://ijarest.com/index.php/ijarest/article/view/2121

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