An Analysis of Threats and Security Issues in the World of Cloud Computing


  • Pandya Dhavalchandra Computer Engineering, Atmiya Institute of Science and Technology, Rajkot, Gujarat, India


Cloud Computing, Threats, Security, Risks, Trust, Distributed Computing


The world has changed its way of communication from centralized to distributed and now towards Cloud
computing. Cloud computing allows users to access devices distributed in the network and reduces the management
efforts. Cloud computing relies on sharing of on-demand resources like network, application, services, storage and
servers. So this way, the resources are used without investing money either in infrastructure or in purchasing expensive
licensed new software. The rapid transition from mainframe computers through grid computing to the cloud computing
has increased our concern on security. Security of the data is major issue in Cloud Computing because the cloud
providers can access data of users at any time. This paper provides a perspective about the Threats and Security issues
occurring in the Cloud Computing.



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