An Emerging Era of Wireless Technology : NFC


  • Himali Pankhaniya Computer Department, A.V.P.T.I
  • Bhakti Gohel Computer Department, A.V.P.T.I


component; Information security, Privacy, NFC, Devices, Tags, Intelligent Environments, Mobile Phones, NFC, RFID, Ubiquitous Computing


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new, short-range wireless connectivity technology that evolved
from a combination of existing contactless identification and interconnection technologies. It was jointly
developed by Sony and NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips).NFC is designed to enable the exchange of
various types of information, such as telephone numbers, pictures, MP3 files or digital authorizations between two
NFC enabled devices like mobile phones, or between an NFC enabled mobile phone and a compatible RFID chip
card or reader that are held close to each other. NFC is intended to be used as an access key to contents and for
services such as cashless payment, ticketing and access control.



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