Android Application for Scan a Fake Currency: “Money Detector”


  • Harsh Sheth Computer Science & Engineering, B.H.G.C.E.T
  • Kushal Bhatt Computer Science & Engineering, B.H.G.C.E.T


Fake Money, Fake Currency Scanner, Prevent Money Fraud, Counterfeit Notes, Image Processing, Gray Scale Conversion, Edge Detector, Image Segmentation


Forged or fake currency is the largest problem in the country like India. Forgery is intense in currency
transactions also hard to detect in day to day life. Latest advancement in the printing has made it difficult for the layman
& shopkeeper to recognize fake currency in monotonous routine. As far as smart phones are concerned every human has
a smart phone with them. So an application which can detect fake currency notes it is a big advantage for people can be
prevented from being victim of frauds. People can take it everywhere with them & it also provides service freely. 



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