Implementation in Cloudsim of Mobile Cloud Dynamic Partitioning Technique


  • Prof.Chirag Vala Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET
  • Prof.Kunal Vasani Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET


Cloud Computing, Mobile Data Offloading, Dynamic Partitioning techniques


Now a days, Mobile Users use most of Cloud Computing related services like SAAS, PAAS IAAS among
them Software as a Services in that mobile user send the request to the nearer server to access some services. From
that how can that requested service provides to the Mobile user is another challenge. This paper highlights the
concept of how dynamic partitioning technique can improve the performance of Mobile in Cloud Computing
Environment. To perform that task in real life generally mobile user doesn’t know about the services of the Cloud
Computing in to specific Mobile environment. In the real world Mobile user send the request through the Internet site
and access that service in Cloud Environment. Then whatever the services required by user that given or set Mobile
user to Cloud Environment through the Internet. That shows the Implementation in Cloudsim Environment.



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