Advancement in Current E-Commerce Technique


  • Harshit K Radhanpura Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET
  • Mustufa S Tinwala Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET
  • Rajat J Busa Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET


online products, online buying, online selling, security


Todays, companies are aiming to transform their business to business (B2B) e-commerce models. Moving
away from the traditional reliance on distributor and sales representatives, they are adopting semi-modern e-commerce
platform while seeking to convert the entire system into a more robust, advanced package. The ultimate goal of an ebusiness is to generate revenue and make a profit, similar to traditional businesses. It is factual that the Internet has
improved productivity for almost all the organizations that are using it. To generate revenue, an ebusiness either sells
products and services. The end result would be a differentiation between them and their competitors, increased market
share, and increased customer loyalty. The e-commerce website is based on business-to-customer. By developing a
website the particular store can be available in global market 24 / 7 to purchase any of the items. In this review paper, we
have discussed some points about advancement in current ecommerce, representing what the ecommerce are in actual, how the system
of ecommerce are going on.



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