DDRS algorithm over DoS Attack in Wireless Communication Due to Jammers


  • Prof. Bhaumik Machhi Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET




Jamming attacks in wireless communication are subset of denial of service (DoS) attacks in which malicious
nodes block legitimate communication by causing intentional interference in networks. To better understand this
problem, we need to discuss and analyze, in detail, various techniques for jamming and anti-jamming in wireless
networks. There are two main aspects of jamming techniques in wireless ad hoc networks: types of jammers and
placement of jammers for effective jamming. To address jamming problem, various jamming localization, detection and
countermeasure mechanisms are studied. Finally, we describe the open issues in this field, such as energy efficient
detection scheme and jammer classification. Main objective of this paper to overcome the effect of DoS in wireless
communication by improving packet delivery ratio, throughput, Control Packet Overhead. Here DDRS algorithm
provides detection as well as recovery from DoS attack. this system provides variation in energy consumption, delay
variation, throughput variation on node. DDRS provides protection against Jamming techniques vary from simple ones
based on the continual transmission of interference signals.



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