Interfacing of Solar Panel with Maximum power point Tracking in off Grid


  • Prof.M.S.Nathavani Electrical Department,SLTIET
  • V.M.Ghanva2 Electrical Department,SLTIET
  • V.N.Bambhaniya Electrical Department,SLTIET


Photovoltaic cell, solar tracking, photo resistor, microcontroller, servo motor


Energy generation is the most important issue in today’s life. Non-Renewable energy resources are not only limited but
also problem create for environmental pollution. Renewable energy resources are only solution for this problem. Solar energy is
rapidly gaining the focus as an important means of expanding renewable energy uses. Solar panel those convert solar energy into
electrical energy are costly and inefficient. So that Different mechanisms are applied to increase the efficiency of the solar panel
to reduce the cost. Solar tracking system is the most important technology to increases the efficiency of the solar
Panel by tracking the sun. A microcontroller based design of an automatic solar tracker is presented in this paper. Light
dependent resistors are used as the sensors of the solar tracker. A model of solar tracking system is also constructed for
implement the design methodology.



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Prof.M.S.Nathavani, V.M.Ghanva2, & V.N.Bambhaniya. (2016). Interfacing of Solar Panel with Maximum power point Tracking in off Grid. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from