Improvisation Of Elecric Car Efficiency With Use of Renewable Energy Sources


  • Sapariya Jay V B.E. (Electrical),Om Engineering College,Junagadh, India
  • Gajera Vishal C B.E. (Electrical),Om Engineering College,Junagadh, India
  • Kalariya Ankit R B.E. (Electrical),Om Engineering College,Junagadh, India
  • Gediya Keyur M B.E. (Electrical),Om Engineering College,Junagadh, India
  • Pradip B. Vala B.E. (Electrical),Om Engineering College,Junagadh, India


Improvisation, efficiency ,Electric Car ,Renewable energy ,Trickle Charging


Now-a-days, dealers of natural resources like fuel, coal, etc. are facing a hard time to keep pace with the
increasing demand. Therefore, to carry out this demand it is quite necessary to make a new exploration of natural resource of
energy and power. The main motto of this project is to use the wind energy and store the energy of it in a battery. This concept
can be used in a car to keep the battery on a trickle charging mode. So the overall efficiency of the car is improved. The future
scope is to use this concept with the solar plate so a hybrid of renewable energy sources can be used to charge the battery. So,
due to this the whole car battery can be charged and car can be run with maximum efficiency.



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Sapariya Jay V, Gajera Vishal C, Kalariya Ankit R, Gediya Keyur M, & Pradip B. Vala. (2016). Improvisation Of Elecric Car Efficiency With Use of Renewable Energy Sources. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from