Voice Operated Multi Purpose Entertainment Gadget With Appliances Control


  • Saurabh kubavat Electronics and communication, SLTIET




Now technology have new era of voice based systems implemented everywhere for
controlling purpose or security purpose. Voice based systems are covered lots of automated systems and can be used for
less human efforts. For entertainment purpose it can be used also for TV, Home theatre systems, Projector presentations
etc. In some applications one can control devices with voice.
This project is a demonstration of this technology while using it as a multipurpose system which can
handle home appliances as well entertainment systems like TV, DVD, MP3 Players, Laptop, PC etc. So it is a kind of
multipurpose entertainment gadget with advantage of controlling devices as we have seen by remote controlled but
except that it is voice operated.
Home Automation industry is growing rapidly; this is fuelled by provide supporting systems for the
elderly and the disabled, especially those who live alone. Coupled with this, the world population is confirmed to be
getting older. Home automation systems must comply with the household standards and convenience of usage.
This project details the overall design of a wireless home automation system which has been built and
implemented. The automation centers on recognition of voice commands and uses low-power RF wireless
communication modules which are relatively cheap. The home automation system is intended to control all lights and
electrical appliances in a home or office using voice commands.



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