Kalina cycle with solar concentrator


  • Harsh Pandya Mechanical Engineering, BHGCET
  • Jeet Trivedi Mechanical Engineering, BHGCET
  • Shubham Dave Electrical Engineering, SLTIET


Comparison of Kalinavs. Rankin Cycle, Parabolic Solar Concentrator, Efficiency, Load on Boiler


Renewable energy is the most popular topic of the energy field most of the research working on this
field. Energy comes from the sun and other things but for the energy generation purpose the thermal power plant
is work. The power plant is runs on the different thermal cycles like Carnotcycle, Rankincycle,dieselcycle, petrol
cycle etc...But the efficiency is not that much sufficient so of the one ofcycle is use in thermal power plant is
known as the kaliancycle. Different from others is only the working fluid here working fluidis the mixture of the
two fluid (water +Ammonia). In this cycle we are including the solar concentrator in before the boiler generally,
in re-generative cycle we have diverted the high temperature steam in high power turbine (HPT) and some steam
is in the Low Power Turbine (LPT). By the solar concentrator we try to change the cycle. We directly supplied the
high and lower power steam to the turbine and after that the temperature of the water or steam is decreasing due
to the expansion process inside the turbine so for that increasing that temperature we directly supplied the solar
concentrated water they have more temperature as compare to the out let of the turbine. So we mix both liquid in
one sort age tank and increasing the temperature of the fluid. This fluid is supplied to the boiler. So, less power
required to generate the steam. Here we use the parabolic solar concentration (Dish stilling) the temperature
rang is 250C- 500C. For the increase the solar concentrator efficiency we try to put the one solar tracking
mechanism so that we get constant sun rays whole day. We are working the analysis of the different part of that
cycle. We are also working with control system of that cycle.



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