Transformer Less Single Phase PV Inverter with Dual Stage DC DC Converter


  • Saliya Jaykumar B M.E. (Power Electronics & Electrical Drives) Electrical Department, AITS, Rajkot
  • Mahesh A. Patel Sr.Assistant Professor, Electrical Department, AITS, Rajkot


photo voltaic inverter; transformer less topology; DC-DC converter; multi stage converter; MPPT


solar energy is a major source of a huge power, it is time dependent and intermittent energy resources.
Most of these systems have an isolation transformer included, which if excluded from the system would increase the
efficiency and decrease the size of PV installations, furthermore it would lead to a lower cost for the whole investment.
A transformer less inverter concept for a PV system is combination of a DC/DC converter at front end with a DC/AC
inverter. In the transformer less photovoltaic (PV) system, the common mode ground leakage current may appear due
to the galvanic connection between the PV array and the ground, which causes the safety issues and reduces the
efficiency. To solve this problem, a novel inverter topology is proposed in this paper. Finally, the proposed topology
and modulation strategy are verified with simulation.



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