Mode Transformation for C Band Frequency


  • P.D.Kanani EC Department, SLTIET Rajkot
  • D.K. Vansajaliya Electrical Department, SLTIET Rajkot


component; formatting; Rectangular waveguide, Mode, circular waveguide, Mode converter, CST, MATLAB


A rectangular to circular waveguide converter is investigated numerically and characterized
experimentally for microwave devices characterization. The converter is designed as an excitation method of circular
waveguide to produce its dominant mode as the problem of circular waveguide in the excitation process. A
rectangular waveguide transducer with working on C Band frequency TE10 mode is used as the wave exciter to be
converted to circular waveguide. Prior to the design, physical parameters of converter including length of rectangular
segment, length of transition segment and length of circular segment are analyzed to obtain the optimum design. It
shows and finds experimentally that the length of transition segment affects to the return loss of converter and its
length to produce TE11 mode of circular waveguide smoothly. Application point of view uses this design and also help
full to us at radar application as well as test bench setup. Using CST Microwave Studio, design rectangular to circular
waveguide mode convertor, and also understanding concept of mode and generating codes of modes using MATLAB.



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