Doubly fed induction generator in wind application


  • D.K.VANSAJALIYA Electrical Department, SLTIET Rajkot
  • P.D.Kanani EC Department, SLTIET Rajkot


component; doubly fed induction generator, variable speed wind turbine, fixed speed wind turbine, control schemes, WECS


This paper is written on basis of power system under the title Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind
Applications. In this paper the review of DFIG along with back to back converters has been carried out to obtain the
results. Owing to limited availability of fossil fuels, to think for alternatives for generating powers is must. It has been
realized that wind has great potential and can be harnessed it to generate power for commercial as well as residential
use. The use of DFIG in wind applications is gaining more importance among the researchers and engineers due to
its ability to control power reliably. 



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