DC Microgrid with Energy Storage System


  • Mansoori Nasreen M.E-Power Electronic and Electrical Drives. Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science, Rajkot
  • Prof. Suryaprakash Singh ssistant Professor Atmiya Institute of Technology & Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science, Rajkot


DC Microgrid, Incremental Conductance MPPT, Bidirectional Converter, Battery Energy storage


Photovoltaic(PV)generation is the technique which uses photovoltaic cell to convert solar energy to electric energy
Nowadays, PV generation is developing increasingly fast as a renewable energy source. However, the disadvantage is
that PV generation is intermittent for depending on weather conditions Thus, the battery energy storage is necessary to
help get a stable and reliable output from PV generation system for loads and improve both steady and dynamic
behaviors of the whole generation system. PV array is firstly connected to the common dc bus by a boost converter,
where the battery is also connected by a bi-directional DC/DC converter, Maximum power point tracking helps PV array
to generate the maximum power to the grid, and the battery energy storage can be charged and discharge to balance the
power between PV generation and DC grid. Finally, different cases are simulated, and the results have verified the
validity of models and control schemes. DC microgrid is an effective solution to integrate renewable energy sources
which are DC power supply with DC loads. To solve the problem of power unbalance microgrid and the wide fluctuation
of DC bus voltage due to unstable output of DC micro resource, Experimental results feasible through the
MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation platform.



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