Transient Stability Analysis of Gas Turbine Power Plant


  • VishalKumar B. Shah PG Student, Electrical Engineering Dept. (EPS), Institute of Technology, Nirma University
  • Chintan R. Mehta Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept., Institute of Technology, Nirma University
  • Rajarsi Ray Sr. DGM, Electrical Dept., L&T-S&L
  • VengalaReddy Palleti Manager, Electrical Dept., L&T-S&L


Transient stability; Industrial plant; Critical clearing time; Acceptance Criteria


This paper presents the transient stability analysis of electrical power system of gas based open cycle
power plant. This power plant has two generators, each having capacity of 297.5 MW. The purpose of the transient
stability analysis is to study and examine the ability of the proposed power plant to maintain synchronism with grid
when subjected to the various disturbances.
The main objectives of this analysis is to analyze the suitability of the turbine control as well as excitation control
system to obtain desirable performance of the generating sets during sudden loss of load/islanding condition. This
analysis will help to determine critical fault clearing time for the different fault locations under the plant maximum
loading condition. This critical fault clearing can be used to determine the relay setting and coordination to prevent
false tripping. This paper analyses, the behavior of the generators under a severe internal and external fault
conditions. The results are tabulated at the end.



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VishalKumar B. Shah, Chintan R. Mehta, Rajarsi Ray, & VengalaReddy Palleti. (2016). Transient Stability Analysis of Gas Turbine Power Plant. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from