Wind energy technology


  • Urvisha Vekariya Electronics & Communication Engineering, SLTIET
  • Anil Badreshiya Electronics & Communication Engineering, SLTIET


Wind energy, Wind Turbine, Electricity, electrical energy, power generation


The electricity requirements of the world including India are increasing at alarming rate and the power
demand has been running ahead of supply. generation of electrical energy, may not be either sufficient or suitable to
keep pace with ever increasing demand of the electrical energy of the world. Also generation of electrical power by cold
based steam power plant or nuclear power plants causes pollution, which is likely to be more acute in future due to large
generating capacity on one side and greater awareness of the people in this respect.
The recent severe energy crisis has forced the world to develop new and alternative methods of power generation, which
could not be adopted so far due to various reasons. The other non-conventional methods of power generation may be
such as solar cells, fuel cells, thermo-electric generator, thermionic converter, solar power generation, wind power
generation, geo-thermal energy generation, tidal power generation etc.



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