Home Automation System


  • Kagathara Yash Electrical Engineering, SLTIET Rajkot
  • Ghodasara Krupal Electrical Engineering, SLTIET Rajkot
  • Thummar Daman Electrical Engineering, SLTIET Rajkot


IC ULN2003A,Triac,Microcontroller,Automation


Home Automation technology has proved to contribute to increased independence and safety. Two surveys
has been conducted in Norway to collate experience on home automation technology as part of home care services. We
found that the technology is installed in newly built residential flats, aiming at old residents in need of care. The findings
inspired us to further investigate the implications of installing this technology in existing houses and flats.



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Kagathara Yash, Ghodasara Krupal, & Thummar Daman. (2016). Home Automation System. International Journal of Advance Research in Engineering, Science & Technology, 3(13), -. Retrieved from https://ijarest.com/index.php/ijarest/article/view/2014