Peer Review

Main Objective

The main objctive of review process is to ensure that only published good research papers. Our Reviewer team play a important role to maitaining IJAREST policy. Below are the Steps for peer review procedure.

Evaluation at initial stage

At first stage editor evaluate all manuscripts. When manuscript is good and author follow the IJAREST Policy then manuscript to be accepted at this stage and then after send to at least 2 reviewer. If manuscript have poor grammar and not proper format and out the scope of journal then Manuscript rejected at this stage.

Type of Peer Review

Double-blind reviewing, where both the reviewer and author remain anonymous throughout the process.

Based on the expertisation of reviewer, refer the paper for review. Reviewer follow IJAREST Reviewer policy for smooth and proper evalution.

The time required for the review process is dependent on the response of the reviewer.

A final decision of manuscript accept or reject will be sent to the author along with any recommendations made by the reviewer and also sent comment if any changes in manuscript.

Editor’s Decision is the final decision to accept or reject the article based on reviewer review procedure