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The<br>faults might be L-G, L-L (Line to Line), L-L-L (Three lines) in three phase supply system.To overcome this problem the<br>project is designed to develop an automatic tripping mechanism for the three phase supply system, named Auto recloser<br>is built, which can sense these faults and automatically reset system or disconnects the supply. But for the study and to<br>know the actual behavior of system in faulty condition it is difficult to represent as on actual system.Therefore we will<br>make a demo model by which we can easily performing and analyzing 3 phase faults like LL, LLG, LG, etc. at<br>laboratories.</p> Nakul J.Devmurari Ketan C. Varsani Mr. M. S. Nathavani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Literature Review Paper onTypes of Welding <p>A weld is made when separate pieces of material to be joined combine and form one piece when heated to a<br>temperature high enough to cause softening or melting. Filler material is typically added to strengthen the joint.<br>Welding is a dependable, efficient and economic method for permanently joining similar metals. In other words, you can<br>weld steel to steel or aluminum to aluminum, but you cannot weld steel to aluminum using traditional welding processes.<br>Welding is used extensively in all sectors or manufacturing, from earth moving equipment to the aerospace industry.</p> Rutvij Pathak Yash Kagathara Jadeja Akankshadevi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 AC/DC Arc & Spot Three In One Welding Machine <p>Arc welding is a type of welding that uses a welding power supply to create an electric arc between an<br>electrode and the base material to melt the metals at the welding point. They can use either direct (DC)<br>or alternating (AC) current. Spot welding is a process in which contacting metal surfaces are joined by the heat<br>obtained from resistance to current. Work-pieces are held together under pressure exerted by electrodes. The<br>process uses two shaped aluminum alloy electrodes to concentrate welding current into a small spot and to<br>simultaneously clamp the sheets together.</p> Shubham Dave Darshita Rojivadiya Niyati Maradiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Home Automation System <p>Home Automation technology has proved to contribute to increased independence and safety. Two surveys<br>has been conducted in Norway to collate experience on home automation technology as part of home care services. We<br>found that the technology is installed in newly built residential flats, aiming at old residents in need of care. The findings<br>inspired us to further investigate the implications of installing this technology in existing houses and flats.</p> Kagathara Yash Ghodasara Krupal Thummar Daman Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 SPEED CONTROL OF SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR BY USING CYCLOCONVERTER <p>Induction motors have the great advantages of being relatively inexpensive and very reliable. Induction motors<br>in particular are very robust and therefore used in many domestic appliances and used in industries as well. The induction<br>motor is known as a constant-speed machine, the difficulty of varying its speed by a cost effective device is one of its main<br>disadvantage. This thesis presents simulation and Implementation of step-down cycloconverter for speed control of single<br>phase induction motor. The cycloconverter is device that converts ac supply of one frequency into ac supply of different<br>frequency without any dc stage in between. It can be also consider as a static frequency changer and typically contains<br>silicon-controlled rectifiers. As the AC supply frequency cannot be changed, so the use of a thyristor controlled cycloconverter<br>which enables the control of speed in steps for an induction motor is solution for this problem. Implementation of the open<br>loop hardware by using the microcontroller and applying gate pulse to thyristor speed of Induction motor is controlled in<br>steps. Cycloconverter gives good direct speed control of induction motor without any intermediate DC stage conversion.</p> V.M.Ghanva A.R.Uphadhyay Prof.S.H.Maru Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Wind energy technology <p>The electricity requirements of the world including India are increasing at alarming rate and the power<br>demand has been running ahead of supply. generation of electrical energy, may not be either sufficient or suitable to<br>keep pace with ever increasing demand of the electrical energy of the world. Also generation of electrical power by cold<br>based steam power plant or nuclear power plants causes pollution, which is likely to be more acute in future due to large<br>generating capacity on one side and greater awareness of the people in this respect.<br>The recent severe energy crisis has forced the world to develop new and alternative methods of power generation, which<br>could not be adopted so far due to various reasons. The other non-conventional methods of power generation may be<br>such as solar cells, fuel cells, thermo-electric generator, thermionic converter, solar power generation, wind power<br>generation, geo-thermal energy generation, tidal power generation etc.</p> Urvisha Vekariya Anil Badreshiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC) : A FACTS Device <p>Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC) is a new concept in FACTS Technology. It is derived from<br>UPFC by eliminating DC link between the shunt and series converter. It has the same control capability of controlling<br>all the system parameters as that of UPFC and its series converter is distributed over the transmission line which is<br>distributed static series converter which is single phase converter. It is highly reliable, higher controllability and low<br>cost as compared to UPFC. It employs two converters i.e. series and shunt converter and each converter needs a<br>controlling circuit and an additional central controlling circuit which provides reference voltage to series and shunt<br>controlling circuit. This paper gives an overview of controlling scheme of DPFC. The SRF method is used as control<br>strategy for DPFC. The simulation is carried out in MATLAB SIMULINK.</p> Anjana Singh Pratik Munjani Suryaprakash Singh Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 3-Phase power factor corrector <p>In AC systems the power factor has very much importance. The cosine of the angle between voltage &amp;<br>current is called as POWER FACTOR. Depending upon the nature of load the power factor is termed as LAGGING,<br>LEADING or UNITY. Lagging for inductive loads, leading for capacitive loads &amp; unity for resistive loads. In<br>industries the motors operated are of inductive nature which has lagging power factor. The lagging power factor<br>causes poor voltage regulation, large copper losses etc. Hence it is important to have improved power factor for<br>efficient working of systems. Purpose of this project is to correction of power factor, so that efficiency of the<br>equipment can be increase.</p> Kadri Taufiq Rupapara Keval Poriya Bhavesh Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Power System Stability and Control <p>The electric power generation-transmission-distribution grid in developed countries constitutes a large<br>system that exhibits a range of dynamic phenomena. Stability of this system needs to be maintained even when<br>subjected to large low-probability disturbances so that the electricity can be supplied to consumers with high<br>reliability. Various control methods and controllers have been developed over time that has been used for this<br>purpose. However, in the area of communications and power electronics, have raised the possibility of developing<br>much faster and more wide-area stability control that can allow safe operation of the grid closer to its limits.</p> Tarun Patel Mayur Parmar Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Comparative Analysis of Lightning Rod and Early Streamer Emission Equipment for Direct Stroke Lightning Protection on 765/400 kV AIS <p>The substation equipments can be protected by shield wires and lightning rods from direct strokes<br>occurring due to lightning phenomenon. This paper introduces a protection scheme for substation against lightning<br>strokes by Early Streamer Emission Equipment and ordinary lightning rod using Rolling Sphere Method. Early<br>Streamer Emission Equipment is relatively good and the chances of damage due to lightning are less. The system<br>gives more powerful assurance against lightning strokes. Moreover, it has a simple methodology and the most<br>proficient equipment to plan a powerful lightning protection. This paper describes a contextual analysis of 765/400 kV<br>substation.</p> Jaivik.S. Acharya Chintan.R. Mehta Dhara.M. Mehta Swati Pimplekar Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Use of Ant colony search Algorithm in Radial Distribution System <p>This thesis aims to study distribution system operations by the ant colony search algorithm (ACSA). The<br>objective of this study is to present new algorithms for solving the maximizing profit problem. . The ACSA is a<br>relatively new and powerful swarm intelligence method for solving optimization problems. These algorithms can be<br>defined in two categories: deterministic and non-deterministic algorithms. Deterministic algorithms usually have set<br>execution schedules and are fairly exhaustive search methods. Non-deterministic algorithms use randomness and<br>prove useful for problems where it may not be possible to execute a deterministic algorithm, aims to the behaviors of<br>real ant colonies to solve real-world optimization problems e to the size. In this paper, MATLAB based algorithm is<br>used to generate the Optimization results and correct placement of Capacitors and also describe various application of<br>this theorem.</p> Sunil Maheshwari Dhaval Khunt Krishna Dave Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Static Synchronous Series Compensator: Series compensator for better transmission of power in long transmission line <p>This paper describes an approach to series line compensation in which MOSFET based voltage<br>source inverter is used for series compensation. This compensator called Static Synchronous Series Compensator<br>is compensate reactive power and give batter reduction in harmonic components for identical resistive load<br>connected to transmission line. Also give better voltage profile of transmission line. Here simulation is carried out<br>on single phase 500KM long transmission line with ideal resistive load where series compensation introduced in<br>middle of line.</p> Krishna Dave Vishal Mehta Sunil Maheshwari Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 REAL AND REACTIVE POWER FLOW USING UNIFIED POWER FLOW CONTROLLER <p>The focus of this thesis is a FACTS device known as the Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). With its unique<br>capability to control simultaneously real and reactive power flows on a transmission line as well as to regulate voltage at the<br>bus where it is connected, this device creates a tremendous quality impact on power system stability. These features become<br>even more significant knowing that the UPFC can allow loading of the transmission lines close to their thermal limits, forcing<br>the power to flow through the desired paths. This will give the power system operators much needed flexibility in order to<br>satisfy the demands that the deregulated power system will impose.The most cost-effective way to estimate the effect the UPFC<br>has on a specific power System operation is to simulate that system together with the UPFC by using one of the existing<br>simulations packages. Specifically, the objective of this thesis is to (1) develop a UPFC model that can be incorporated into<br>existing MATLAB based Power System analysis Toolbox (PSAT), (2) design basic UPFC controllers to enhance power system<br>stability. The proposed tools will be tested on the two-area-four-generator system to prove their effectiveness.</p> Prof & HOD Rahul Parmar Prof.sahaj Maru Prof.Mohit Nathavani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Power Quality Improvement Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Hysteresis Voltage Control Technique for Power Distribution System <p>Power quality is one of main factor in present time. It has become important, with the introduction of<br>power electronics devices, whose performance is very sensitive to the quality of power supply. Power quality problem<br>is disturbance of voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure of end use equipment. One of the major<br>problem here is the voltage sag. Sensitive industrial loads and utility distribution networks all suffer from various<br>types of outages and service interruptions which may result in a significant financial 1oss. To improve the<br>power quality, custom power devices are used. The device described in this work is DVR. This work present the<br>analysis and simulation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer using MATLAB and hysteresis voltage control technique is<br>used for the control purpose. The role of DVR to compensate load voltage is investigated during the different fault<br>conditions like voltage sag, single line to ground, double line to ground faults.</p> Jitenkumar Parmar Niraj Danidhariya Deepakkumar Varu Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Multistage Impulse Voltage Generator <p>The project is designed to generate High impulse voltage using Multistage or Marx generator principle and<br>combination of Cockcroft Walton voltage multiplier circuit by using multi stage resistor and capacitor stacks.<br>Principle is to generate a high impulse voltage pulse using a number of capacitors in parallel to charge up during the<br>on time and then connected or discharged in series to develop higher impulse voltage during the off period or negative<br>cycle. This principle or aim is used to generate impulse voltages in the range of KV’s in real-time for testing the<br>insulation and capability withstanding impulse voltage of the electrical appliances like transformers and the<br>insulation of the power carrying lines. This project contains the combination with Cockcroft voltage multiplier circuit<br>for the generation of the high dc voltage for input source for Marx generator. This project is practical and highly<br>feasible in economic point of view, and has an advantage of researching and testing equipments for higher ratings<br>and development.</p> Prajapati Yash Sejpal Rahul Shubham Dave Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Transient Stability Analysis of Gas Turbine Power Plant <p>This paper presents the transient stability analysis of electrical power system of gas based open cycle<br>power plant. This power plant has two generators, each having capacity of 297.5 MW. The purpose of the transient<br>stability analysis is to study and examine the ability of the proposed power plant to maintain synchronism with grid<br>when subjected to the various disturbances.<br>The main objectives of this analysis is to analyze the suitability of the turbine control as well as excitation control<br>system to obtain desirable performance of the generating sets during sudden loss of load/islanding condition. This<br>analysis will help to determine critical fault clearing time for the different fault locations under the plant maximum<br>loading condition. This critical fault clearing can be used to determine the relay setting and coordination to prevent<br>false tripping. This paper analyses, the behavior of the generators under a severe internal and external fault<br>conditions. The results are tabulated at the end.</p> VishalKumar B. Shah Chintan R. Mehta Rajarsi Ray VengalaReddy Palleti Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) : A Compensating Custom Power Device <p>Widespread applications of power electronic based loads in industry have increased the importance and<br>application of power quality studies. Decrease in the cost of power electronic devices , fast switching characteristics of<br>converters and improvements in the efficiency of both power converters and energy storage components have increased<br>the applicability of new technological solutions such as Custom Power (CP) and Flexible AC Transmission Systems<br>(FACTS) Devices. Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC, a combination of series and shunt power filters) is one of<br>the CP devices and compensates voltage and current quality problems. UPQC has become very popular in recent years<br>both in low voltage and medium voltage applications. In this study, an attempt has been made to model the UPQC for<br>voltage and current compensation with the help of two different control schemes. The current harmonics as well as<br>voltage sag and swells compensation are shown.</p> Mayur Suhagiya Pratik Munjani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 QUASI-Z-SOURCE INVERTER BASED WIND ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM WITH SIMPLE BOOST CONTROL <p>This paper presents the quasi z-source inverter (QZSI) as an alternate converter system for the wind<br>generation system. As QZSI inherits the main advantages of traditional Z-source inverter which replaces the<br>conventional PWM inverter in the system with some of its additional utilities as well. This system will monitor the wind<br>generator output and adjusts the inverter shoot-through duty cycle employing various boost control technique as per<br>desired value. Thus, the whole system is modeled and verified through simulation where the system can provide stable<br>voltage through proper selection of boost factor and has the suitability of maintaining the terminal voltage at desired<br>level for the direct-driven wind power system.</p> Ankit Shrivastava Hitesh M Karkar Monika D Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Power Factor Improvement in Single Phase System Using Active Front End Converter <p>There are some major drawbacks of conventional front end converter like low power factor and high<br>harmonic content. Hence, there is a continuous need for power factor improvement and reduction of line current<br>harmonics. Development of new circuit topologies and control strategies for Power Factor Correction (PFC) and<br>harmonic reduction has become still more essential with the introduction of strong technical IEC standards. This<br>work is based on the difference between the performance of single phase diode bridge rectifier and the active frontend converter in terms of the %THD of the line current and power factor improvement. This work is basically on<br>Power Factor improvement using phase shifted Technique in which the two single phase converters are connected in<br>parallel to meet the load demand as well as to improve the power factor. Power factor of the source side will be<br>maintained nearly unity. The proposed converter operates in forward power as well as in reverse power conditions.</p> Deepakkumar Varu Nitin H. Adroja Narendrasinh Rana Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Simulation of Three Level Boost Converter for voltage regulation of DC link Capacitor <p>There has been a significant increase in demand of high power high efficiency DC DC converters therefor in<br>high power rating with high voltage gain requires boost converter with controller to maintain the DC bus voltage<br>constant. When a DC voltage has to be stepped up, the boost converter has long been the preferred scheme. This is<br>because of its adjustable step up voltage conversion ratio, continuous input current, simple topology and high efficiency.<br>This paper include a design and open loop and closed loop simulation of three level boost converter.</p> Krushit Desai Nitin Adroja Narendrasinh Rana Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Field Oriented Control And Direct Torque Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor <p>Speed control of three phase induction motor is important for industry. For speed control of induction motor<br>mainly three control methods are employed namely Scalar control, Field oriented control (FOC) and Direct Torque<br>control (DTC). Scalar control method is generally not used in application, where accurate torque response will required.<br>In all the operating conditions the behavior of FOC scheme is characterized by lower values of the three-phase rms<br>current ripple. In DTC scheme a better torque response can be achieved in terms of settling time. Here Simulations and<br>Results of both FOC and DTC technique have been carried out.</p> Harsh J Dave Murtuza Y Saifee Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 SPWM Based THD Controlling of Induction Motor Drive <p>This work is carried out with the analysis of different single phase rectifiers. We have mention the<br>different between diode rectifier, thyristor rectifier and PWM rectifier. [1] We are using PWM rectifier in these thesis<br>work. The research work is carried with the single phase and three phase PWM rectifier. [3] Here we have shown the<br>uncontrolled and controlled circuit of single phase rectifier. In an uncontrolled rectifier (take switch as diode) is<br>working as unidirectional means power is not gone back from load to source. And also shown controlled rectifier<br>(taking switch as IGBT) is working as bidirectional. The SPWM technique is used for providing triggering pulse to the<br>PWM rectifier as well as inverter.</p> DHAIVAT PANDYA JANAK SORATHIYA KARISHMA PATEL Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 DC Microgrid with Energy Storage System <p>Photovoltaic(PV)generation is the technique which uses photovoltaic cell to convert solar energy to electric energy<br>Nowadays, PV generation is developing increasingly fast as a renewable energy source. However, the disadvantage is<br>that PV generation is intermittent for depending on weather conditions Thus, the battery energy storage is necessary to<br>help get a stable and reliable output from PV generation system for loads and improve both steady and dynamic<br>behaviors of the whole generation system. PV array is firstly connected to the common dc bus by a boost converter,<br>where the battery is also connected by a bi-directional DC/DC converter, Maximum power point tracking helps PV array<br>to generate the maximum power to the grid, and the battery energy storage can be charged and discharge to balance the<br>power between PV generation and DC grid. Finally, different cases are simulated, and the results have verified the<br>validity of models and control schemes. DC microgrid is an effective solution to integrate renewable energy sources<br>which are DC power supply with DC loads. To solve the problem of power unbalance microgrid and the wide fluctuation<br>of DC bus voltage due to unstable output of DC micro resource, Experimental results feasible through the<br>MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation platform.</p> Mansoori Nasreen Prof. Suryaprakash Singh Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Review of Technologies and Optimization Methods for Integrating Renewable Energy Sources and storage of India Market <p>In This paper, A Energy is a vital input for social and economic development. As a result of the<br>generalization of agricul-tural, industrial and domestic activities the demand for energy has increased remarkably,<br>This has meant rapid grower in the level of greenhouse gas emissions and the increase in fuel prices, India is<br>gradually shifting focus toward its renewable energy resource more effectively, Despite the obvious advantages of<br>renewable energy, it presents important drawbacks as most renewable energy resources depend on the climate,<br>which is why their use requires technical literature about optimization techniques applied to micro grid planning<br>have been reviewed and the guidelines for innovative planning methodologies focused on economic feasibility can<br>be defined. This paper presents a review of the current state of the art in computational optimization methods<br>applied to renewable and sustainable energy, offering a clear vision of the latest research advances in this field.</p> V.M.Ghanva V.N.Bambhaniya Prof.M.S.Nathavani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Doubly fed induction generator in wind application <p>This paper is written on basis of power system under the title Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind<br>Applications. In this paper the review of DFIG along with back to back converters has been carried out to obtain the<br>results. Owing to limited availability of fossil fuels, to think for alternatives for generating powers is must. It has been<br>realized that wind has great potential and can be harnessed it to generate power for commercial as well as residential<br>use. The use of DFIG in wind applications is gaining more importance among the researchers and engineers due to<br>its ability to control power reliably.&nbsp;</p> D.K.VANSAJALIYA P.D.Kanani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Mode Transformation for C Band Frequency <p>A rectangular to circular waveguide converter is investigated numerically and characterized<br>experimentally for microwave devices characterization. The converter is designed as an excitation method of circular<br>waveguide to produce its dominant mode as the problem of circular waveguide in the excitation process. A<br>rectangular waveguide transducer with working on C Band frequency TE10 mode is used as the wave exciter to be<br>converted to circular waveguide. Prior to the design, physical parameters of converter including length of rectangular<br>segment, length of transition segment and length of circular segment are analyzed to obtain the optimum design. It<br>shows and finds experimentally that the length of transition segment affects to the return loss of converter and its<br>length to produce TE11 mode of circular waveguide smoothly. Application point of view uses this design and also help<br>full to us at radar application as well as test bench setup. Using CST Microwave Studio, design rectangular to circular<br>waveguide mode convertor, and also understanding concept of mode and generating codes of modes using MATLAB.</p> P.D.Kanani D.K. Vansajaliya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 MODELING AND SIMULATION OF AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE CONTROL RELAY <p>Today voltage control is necessary for electrical power system for both at distribution and transmission levels.<br>Present voltage control in distribution networks is primarily carried out by On Load Tap Changing (OLTC) transformers and<br>Automatic Voltage Control (AVC) relays, which is mostly used in 11kV network. The AVC relay, acting on the secondary<br>control of the OLTC transformer, is designed for passive distribution networks with unidirectional power flows. The increasing<br>connection of distributed generation in a distribution network may lead to unacceptable voltage rise. Hence the capacity of<br>distributed generation that may be connected to a distribution networks is limited by the operation of the AVC relay. By<br>measuring critical voltage points along a distribution feeder, an automatic voltage reference setting device is applied to the<br>AVC relay voltage reference setting. The AVC relay and the OLTC transformer are then used to control voltage rise in<br>distribution networks with distributed generation. A number of factors that can influence the optimum tap position are primary<br>voltage level, load level, power factor, distributed generation and circulating current. This thesis presents, firstly, an overview<br>of automatic voltage control methods for transformers and also presents an attempt to design an AVC relay based on Fuzzy<br>Logic. It has been observed that fuzzy logic based control has simple and fast controlling, simplify design complexity and<br>reduce the hardware costs etc. The structure of the proposed Fuzzy Logic based-AVC relay is presented and the results that<br>show its performance into distribution network are also presented and discussed.</p> Prof.Vishal Mehta Prof & HOD Rahul Parmar Prof.Krishna Dave Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Transformer Less Single Phase PV Inverter with Dual Stage DC DC Converter <p>solar energy is a major source of a huge power, it is time dependent and intermittent energy resources.<br>Most of these systems have an isolation transformer included, which if excluded from the system would increase the<br>efficiency and decrease the size of PV installations, furthermore it would lead to a lower cost for the whole investment.<br>A transformer less inverter concept for a PV system is combination of a DC/DC converter at front end with a DC/AC<br>inverter. In the transformer less photovoltaic (PV) system, the common mode ground leakage current may appear due<br>to the galvanic connection between the PV array and the ground, which causes the safety issues and reduces the<br>efficiency. To solve this problem, a novel inverter topology is proposed in this paper. Finally, the proposed topology<br>and modulation strategy are verified with simulation.</p> Saliya Jaykumar B Mahesh A. Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Hourly Load Forecasting in Distribution Systems <p>Today's electricity power industry is in the process of up-gradation and modernization. The power system<br>operation has become more competitive in the open market environment. The accuracy of load forecasting is important<br>because it has a direct influence on the planning of the operation schedule of power generation plants. A major part of the<br>operating cost of power generation units depends on the amount of electricity production. To minimize the total operation<br>cost, unit commitment scheduling is used to determine the optimal commitment schedule of power generation units to satisfy<br>the forecasted demand. Load forecasting is an important requirement for unit commitment planning. Hour-ahead load<br>forecasting is necessary for optimally controlling the online resources to supply the next hour load. The objective of this<br>study is to prove the application of Artificial Neural Networks for performing hourly load forecasting in distribution systems.<br>The forecasting results indicate that ANN based load forecasting systems can be used for load forecasting in distribution<br>systems with a good accuracy.</p> Prof & HOD Rahul Parmar Prof.Vishal Mehta Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Harmonic Evaluation for Five Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Using Specific PWM technique <p>The multilevel voltage source inverter utilization has been increased as an alternative to the normal two<br>level voltage source inverter, especially in the area of high power, medium voltage application due to their ability to<br>synthesize waveforms with better harmonic spectrum and faithful output. For the proper utilization of multilevel<br>inverter topologies, suitable modulation technique is also needed for the best performance. In power electronics, pulse<br>width modulation (PWM) is the best way to obtain the voltage and current waveforms under required conditions.<br>There is no single PWM technique that is the best suited for all the application. With advances in solid state power<br>electronic devices and some advanced controllers, varies PWM techniques have been developed for industrial<br>application. Here, we presents advanced multicarrier PWM techniques- In Phase Disposition, Phase Opposition<br>Disposition and Alternate Phase Opposition Disposition for three phase system with Induction Motor as a load.<br>Simulation is done using MATLAB® Simulink.</p> Namrata Shah Prof. Pankaj Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Analysis of grid synchronization techniques for distributed generation system during grid abnormalities <p>This study deals with the distributed power generation system (DPGS) connected to the grid, the major<br>issue is synchronization with grid. The phase-locked loop (PLL) is used for detecting the phase angle of the utility<br>voltage and locking the grid phase with the incoming power source. The synchronization of power electronic<br>converters with grid even in unbalanced and variable voltage/frequency situation is the main target of this paper. The<br>method Synchronous Reference Frame PLL (SRF-PLL) with PI-regulator gains calculated with the symmetrical<br>optimum method has been designed and simulations in SIMULINK have been made. Further another one method<br>double synchronous reference frame (DSRF-PLL) has been simulated and compared both techniques. For supporting<br>the research MATLAB simulation is utilized.</p> Prashant M. Gangajaliya Atul V. Kunpra Bhavesh J. Vanjani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Kalina cycle with solar concentrator <p>Renewable energy is the most popular topic of the energy field most of the research working on this<br>field. Energy comes from the sun and other things but for the energy generation purpose the thermal power plant<br>is work. The power plant is runs on the different thermal cycles like Carnotcycle, Rankincycle,dieselcycle, petrol<br>cycle etc...But the efficiency is not that much sufficient so of the one ofcycle is use in thermal power plant is<br>known as the kaliancycle. Different from others is only the working fluid here working fluidis the mixture of the<br>two fluid (water +Ammonia). In this cycle we are including the solar concentrator in before the boiler generally,<br>in re-generative cycle we have diverted the high temperature steam in high power turbine (HPT) and some steam<br>is in the Low Power Turbine (LPT). By the solar concentrator we try to change the cycle. We directly supplied the<br>high and lower power steam to the turbine and after that the temperature of the water or steam is decreasing due<br>to the expansion process inside the turbine so for that increasing that temperature we directly supplied the solar<br>concentrated water they have more temperature as compare to the out let of the turbine. So we mix both liquid in<br>one sort age tank and increasing the temperature of the fluid. This fluid is supplied to the boiler. So, less power<br>required to generate the steam. Here we use the parabolic solar concentration (Dish stilling) the temperature<br>rang is 250C- 500C. For the increase the solar concentrator efficiency we try to put the one solar tracking<br>mechanism so that we get constant sun rays whole day. We are working the analysis of the different part of that<br>cycle. We are also working with control system of that cycle.</p> Harsh Pandya Jeet Trivedi Shubham Dave Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Single Phase Inverter Using Matrix Converter Topology <p>This paper present for the implementation of single phase matrix converter (SPMC) is working as a DCAC Inverter. The Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) was use to synthesize the output voltage and current<br>waveform. Matrix converter can developing and performing function of all operations in one converter. Single circuit<br>is developed and all converter as a cycloconverter, inverter, chopper, rectifier each function can be preform by these<br>single matrix converter circuit. IGBT with antiparallel diode is use switching device for controlling bi-directional<br>switching. Safe Commutation strategies are also implemented for reduce the voltage spike on switches. Simulation<br>Result has been carried out by using MATLAB/Simulink and simulation of results are present to the matrix converter<br>topology.</p> Borad Sagar V.J Rupapara R.K Prajapati Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Controlling speed of BLDC Motor by using PID and Fuzzy PI Controller <p>This paper presents the modeling and controlling of PID controller and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for<br>achieving better dynamic performance of the Brushless DC (BLDC) motor. The performance of fuzzy and PID based BLDC<br>motor is investigated under the load varying conditions. BLDC motors are used in industrial control, automation and<br>instrumentation system applications. Based on other applications the conventional controllers like P, PI and PID controllers<br>are used in the BLDC motor drive control systems to get the desired level of transient and steady state responses. In this<br>paper, the modeling and controlling of fuzzy logic controller is presented its performance and it compared with the PID<br>Controller shows the error capability and usefulness of the fuzzy controller in the control applications.</p> Bhumika J. Monani Prof. H. M. Karkar Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF RELAYS <p>Protective relays works as sensing and control devices to make system more healthy and protective.<br>Basically relay sense the abnormalities of the system and gets operated when fault occurs. This paper deals with<br>operational comparison of different types of Protective Relays. In this paper we have included the basic concept of<br>relays and different between their operating principle.</p> Shubham S. Dave Keval A. Pathak Bhavin A Rathod Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Comparitive Analysis of Copper and Carbon Nanotubes Winding Based Transformer <p>Electrical transformers have been thoroughly studied and are considered to be a matured technology.<br>Further significant improvement in their performance would require introducing new materials, with better properties,<br>which can replace the conventional materials. Carbon Nanotube (CNT) fibers show amazing properties like high<br>electrical conductivities, high strength and light weight. Although the value of electrical conductivity achieved in<br>macroscopic yarn till date is less than that of copper, it is expected to improve significantly with more research.<br>Therefore, CNT is considered as a promising candidate to replace copper as better winding material in near future. This<br>paper presents comparative analysis of a transformer, in terms of resistive losses, when winding material is taken as<br>copper and CNT respectively.</p> Priya Jaspal Preetika Sharma Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 REVOLUTION IN RELAYS AT A GLANCE <p>Protective relays works as sensing and control devices to make system more healthy and protective.<br>Basically relay sense the abnormalities of the system and gets operated when fault occurs. This paper deals with<br>History and Revolution in Protective Relays. In this paper we have included the basic concept of relays.</p> Keval A. Pathak Shubham S. Dave Bhavin A Rathod Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Voice Operated Multi Purpose Entertainment Gadget With Appliances Control <p>Now technology have new era of voice based systems implemented everywhere for<br>controlling purpose or security purpose. Voice based systems are covered lots of automated systems and can be used for<br>less human efforts. For entertainment purpose it can be used also for TV, Home theatre systems, Projector presentations<br>etc. In some applications one can control devices with voice.<br>This project is a demonstration of this technology while using it as a multipurpose system which can<br>handle home appliances as well entertainment systems like TV, DVD, MP3 Players, Laptop, PC etc. So it is a kind of<br>multipurpose entertainment gadget with advantage of controlling devices as we have seen by remote controlled but<br>except that it is voice operated.<br>Home Automation industry is growing rapidly; this is fuelled by provide supporting systems for the<br>elderly and the disabled, especially those who live alone. Coupled with this, the world population is confirmed to be<br>getting older. Home automation systems must comply with the household standards and convenience of usage.<br>This project details the overall design of a wireless home automation system which has been built and<br>implemented. The automation centers on recognition of voice commands and uses low-power RF wireless<br>communication modules which are relatively cheap. The home automation system is intended to control all lights and<br>electrical appliances in a home or office using voice commands.</p> Saurabh kubavat Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Simulation and Analysis of Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) Using Instantaneous Reactive Power (pq) Theoryv <p>The fast switching solid stat converter based FACTs device play important role in modern power system.<br>Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is most versatile FACTs device to control power system parameters in<br>steady-state and dynamic condition. It can control reactive power and improve the power factor of the power networks.<br>This paper propose a control scheme based on Instantaneous reactive power (pq) Theory for compensating reactive<br>power of linear load. In this paper, controlling of two-level, six-pulse VSC based STATCOM is presented with<br>instantaneous reactive power(pq) theory based control strategies for reference current generation.</p> Jaydip Y Brahmbhatt Pinkal J Patel Vinod Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Improvisation Of Elecric Car Efficiency With Use of Renewable Energy Sources <p>Now-a-days, dealers of natural resources like fuel, coal, etc. are facing a hard time to keep pace with the<br>increasing demand. Therefore, to carry out this demand it is quite necessary to make a new exploration of natural resource of<br>energy and power. The main motto of this project is to use the wind energy and store the energy of it in a battery. This concept<br>can be used in a car to keep the battery on a trickle charging mode. So the overall efficiency of the car is improved. The future<br>scope is to use this concept with the solar plate so a hybrid of renewable energy sources can be used to charge the battery. So,<br>due to this the whole car battery can be charged and car can be run with maximum efficiency.</p> Sapariya Jay V Gajera Vishal C Kalariya Ankit R Gediya Keyur M Pradip B. Vala Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Dynamic Voltage Stability Improvement by Static Var Compensator <p>Modern Power system is highly interconnected comprise of large number of different dynamic devices<br>such as synchronous machines and loads. The power system is a highly nonlinear system that operates in a<br>continuously changing environment; loads, generator outputs, and key operating parameters change continually.<br>Power system is subjected to small and large disturbances due to change in load, change in transmission and<br>distribution pattern, or due to fault on the system and low frequency trouble that cause loss of synchronism &amp;<br>eventual breakdown of whole system. The system and studying the results have given an indication that SVC are very<br>useful when it comes to organize and maintain power system. SVC is the dynamic simulation system where it can<br>adjust the distribution the system power flow among the transmission line quickly and smoothly, and there is no<br>significant impact to other operating parameters of the system. At the same time, SVC can improve voltage stability, to<br>keep down the instability and line oscillation problem.</p> Mr. Mrugesh M.Makwana Mr. Pradip B.Vala Prof. Pankaj C.Jadav Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review of Different Postion Sensorless Drive Techniques for BLDC Motor <p>This paper presents a technical review on different position Sensorless drive technique for bldc motor are<br>presented. It includes the background analysis using sensors, limitations and advances. The main purpose of this<br>paper is to provide an insight of Sensorless operation, need for Sensorless operation, classification of existing<br>Sensorless methods together with their merits and demerits were presented.</p> Kanaiya.L.Nishad Prof.Mahesh.A.Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A REIVEW PAPER ON MRAS SPEED ESTIMATION METHODS FOR SENSOR LESS VECTOR CONTROL OF INDUCTION MOTOR <p>Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS) based speed estimation techniques are one of the best methods<br>to estimate the rotor speed due to its performance and straightforward stability approach. In this technique two model<br>one is a Reference model and other is an adjustable model are used for estimation of speed. The scheme uses the error<br>vector from the comparison of both models as a feedback for speed estimation. Depending on the type of tuning signal<br>driving the adaptation mechanism, there could be a number of schemes available such as rotor flux based MRAS,<br>back e.m.f based MRAS, reactive power based MRAS and artificial neural network based MRAS. This paper aims at<br>providing a review of the major model reference adaptive system (MRAS) based techniques applied for the estimation<br>of speed.</p> Rifaquat M Pathan Murtuza Y Saifee Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review of Different Postion Sensorless Drive <p>this paper presents a technical review on different position Sensorless drive technique for bldc motor are<br>presented. It includes the background analysis using sensors, limitations and advances. The main purpose of this<br>paper is to provide an insight of Sensorless operation, need for Sensorless operation, classification of existing<br>Sensorless methods together with their merits and demerits were presented.</p> Kanaiya.L.Nishad Prof.Mahesh.A.Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review on Three Phase Power Factor Correction <p>This Work shows the theoretical analysis on three phase power factor correction and also shows the relation<br>between Power factor and THD. This work also Contain the different methods for power factor correction and importance<br>of its . The control algorithm or process of power factor correction.</p> Kashyap Vyas Shani Vaidya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Performance Evaluation of 190 kWp Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Plant in CMPDI, Ranchi. <p>In this paper, the performance evaluation of 190 kWp rooftop solar photovoltaic plant has been<br>done. The plant locates at Central Mine Planning and Designs Institute (CMPDI), Ranchi in the state of<br>Jharkhand, India. The rooftop solar plant with smart meters is installed on five different buildings of the<br>institute. The data is considered from March, 2015 to Feb ruary, 2016. The analysis is based onreal time<br>data which are collected from smart meters and simulation using PVsyst software. Both results are<br>compared and discussed to analyse the performance of the system. These results also reflect the<br>performance of such plants under real operating condition in India.</p> Radhika J. Savalia Shatrughan Yadav Akash Davda Sarika Kanojia Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Performance Analysis of 3 – level Shunt Active Power Filter using Different Control Strategies <p>A load is called as non-linear when with application of applied voltage the impedance is changed, this changing<br>impedance will make current a non-sinusoidal one even when sinusoidal voltage is applied. The main objective of this<br>paper is to address one of the power quality issues i.e. supply side current distortion due to which voltage distortion is also<br>seen at distribution system. This paper presents the design of shunt active filter (SAPF) based three level inverter which<br>provides balanced three phase source current with improved power factor. The control strategies such as hysteresis<br>current control and multicarrier based PWM technique are used for control of SAPF and comparing the THD of source<br>current at PCC. The simulation results in MATLAB/Simulink validate the control strategy applied for SAPF.</p> D.R.S Manikanta Mihir C. Shah Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-25 2016-12-25 3 13 Vector Control of PMSM Drive with Hysteresis Current Controller <p>This paper presents an advanced simulation model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM).<br>The vector control scheme of a PMSM drive has been implemented using the developed simulation model. In the<br>developed model, speed and torque as well as the voltages and currents of voltage source inverters components can be<br>effectively monitored and analyzed. The developed simulation model has been implemented using Matlab and the<br>dynamic response of PMSM drive has been analyzed for constant speed, varying torque and variable speed constant<br>torque operation. Also, the simulation results have been presented. The simulation results of the developed model<br>have been validated with the circuit simulation using the PMSM block available in the Matlab/Simulink library.<br>Therefore, it can be expected that the developed simulation model can be an easy to design tool for the design and<br>development of PMSM drives for different control algorithms and topological variations with reduced computation<br>time and memory size.</p> Mukesh C. Chauhan Kapil P. Radadiya Dipak L. Parmar Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Diminution of Losses and Reliability improvement of distribution systems Using Genetic Optimization <p>In the current epoch of power system efficiency of power distribution system enhanced by number of method like<br>genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, swarm optimization method etc. A genetic algorithm (GA) is a exploration or<br>maximization algorithm based on the technicalities of natural selection and natural genetics. Since GA is suitable to solve<br>combinatorial optimization tribulations, it can be effectively applied to problems of loss minimization in distribution<br>systems. This paper proposes a general approach and a set of indices to assess some of the technological benefits in a<br>quantitative manner. The index proposed is: 1) voltage profile improvement index; 2) line-loss reduction index.<br>Simulation results obtained using a simple IEEE-14 bus test system is presented and discussed to illustrate the value and<br>usefulness of the proposed approach.</p> Rima M. Pujara Dr. C.K.Vibhakar P.N.Parmar Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Application of PVA in H6 Transformer-less Inverter Topology with less THD <p>Increase in load demand requirement has to be supplied with various sources integrated to the grid<br>system. All conventional sources produce hazardous gases creating global warming. The replacement to these<br>conventional sources is through renewable sources, which can be solar energy, wind energy or bio chemical sources<br>of generation system. In this paper introduce a new H6 inverter topology converting DC output of the PVA (Photo<br>Voltaic Array) to PWM AC output and reduce the THD of the PWM AC voltage with the help of LCL filter. The<br>complete analysis and outputs are explained with all graphical representations in MATLAB Simulink software.</p> Bhaskar M. Nandasana M.V. Makwana Parth M. Shah Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Novel PWM Technique to Reduce Common Mode Voltage in Coupled Inductor Multilevel Inverter <p>This work presents multi-carrier interleaved PWM strategies to control common mode voltage in three phase<br>coupled inductor inverter (CII). The proposed scheme has the advantages of reduced number of switches with higher<br>output voltage level. The common problem arise in the coupled inductor inverter (CII) is the inductor power losses that<br>are related to the magnitude of current ripple. The proposed multi-carrier interleaved PWM scheme technique is easily<br>to implement when compared to other PWM techniques, and also one of the advantage to minimize the inductor current<br>ripple. The minimization of the current ripple leads to the reduction in the common mode current participation in the (YΔ) connected induction motor. The common mode voltage that is the integration of the common mode current in each<br>phase. The multi-carrier interleaved consists of the continuous and discontinuous modes of operation. By choosing the<br>proper high effective winding inductance switching state (DPWM) can reduce the Common mode voltage without<br>degrading the performance of the inverter. The proposed scheme is applied for three-phase coupled inductor inverter to<br>obtain the five level output. Mathematical analysis &amp; Simulation studies are verified in Mat lab 2012b.</p> Sahaj H. Maru Denisa S. Gardhariya Urvisha H. Vekariya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Two Phase Interleaved Boost Converter: Design, Modeling, Analysis and Control with GUI Applications <p>The two level interleaved boost converter (IBC) is for low input voltage (battery or photovoltaic or Fuel Cell)<br>applications. The interleaved multi-channel converter is very popular these days because of its ability to reduce current<br>ripples. In high power applications, parallel operation of boost converters is recommended. These paralleled boost<br>converters can be operated in interleaved mode. Interleaved mode of operation improves the steady state and dynamic<br>performance of the system. In addition, low EMI and low stress in the switches are expected.<br>The IBC has been designed for low input voltage applications. The IBC has been modelled and analyzed using<br>state space averaging and small signal analysis technique. Graphic User Interface (GUI) applications have been<br>developed to save the timing of designing, modelling and analysis of IBC. Here the theory and application of designing<br>method of the PID controller for interleaved boost converter is discussed. GUI applications have been developed for<br>various tuning methods of PID controller for IBC.</p> Haresh D. Bhayani Jimit A. Talati Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Harmonic Mitigation of Fluctuating Non Linear Load in a Grid connected Photovoltaic system <p>This paper presents improvement in power quality in a grid connected with non conventional energy source<br>and nonlinear load. Three phase shunt active filter is proposed for improvement in power quality. Harmonic are declining power<br>quality which is to be filtered. Present day energy demand is very high and conventional energy sources are costly and pollute<br>environment. Renewable source of energy are emerging with new technology. This paper presents the model of PV panels<br>connected with voltage source inverter, which are stepped up by transformer and is fed to the grid.<br>Here Shunt active filter is implemented with voltage source inverter and dc link capacitor. Synchronous reference frame<br>method is implemented for current control in shunt active filter. Filter can efficiently respond to sudden change in load is<br>depicted in this paper. THD is not much affected with sudden change in load. Active power transfers from PV connected inverter<br>to the grid through transformer.&nbsp;</p> Chandni C Shah Rucha N Vyas Amee M Vora Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Comparative Performance Analysis of Boost Converter and Luo Converter for controllinng of DC Motor speed <p>The paper proposes the advance DC-DC converter by Luo Converter. In conventional method Boost<br>Converter (BC) complexity of DC link voltage level control.Speed control means intentional change of the drive speed<br>to a value required for performing the specific work process. The dc motors are used in various applications such as<br>industries, Robotics etc. DC drives are less complex for DC to DC conversion as compare to AC to DC conversion. A<br>Luo converter is DC to DC converter used for speed control of DC motor due to its advantages over fundamental DC<br>to DC converter.</p> Baria Himmatbhai Balvantbhai Prof.Suryaprakash Singh Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Design of High Efficient Induction Motor <p>In this paper, optimal design of three phase squirrel cage induction motor to improve efficiency and<br>power factor and to reduce total loss for variable load application is proposed. It has compared conventional and<br>optimally designed same rating of 3hp (2.2kW) motor. The motor is designed and optimization using mathematically<br>and the simulation results are presented. The mathematically equation is used for optimization and five objective<br>functions namely Stator Copper Loss, Rotor Copper Loss, Stator Iron Losses, Efficiency, and Power Factor are<br>considered. The importance of this work is highlighted by the recent concerns about the need to achieve energy<br>savings in the industry and in the territory sectors. The motor design procedure consists of a system of non-linear<br>equations, which imposes induction motor characteristics and motor performance. This is very useful to optimize the<br>power factor, losses and efficiency of the induction motors.</p> Tarang M. Parekh Vijay N. Bambhaniya Sahaj maru Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 BUSHR ENERGY <p>Here in this it’s given that the mechanical energy to electrical energy by human’s footsteps. As we know<br>that energy can be converted from one form to another and humans are wasting some of huge energies in different<br>forms, best is the footsteps pressurized energy. This energy can be converted to electrical by the help of dynamo or the<br>piezoelectric crystal. Due to this crystal as the ability to convert mechanical energy to electric energy as every vibration<br>occurs on it will give electric output and this can be used to charge any devices as per energy consumption it may happen<br>that many things together will give high energy so its discussion on power harvesting or generating.</p> Bhargav Jagada Hardik Vekariya Sumit Lumbhani Avani Joshi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review of Radial FeederProtection Concept <p>This paper represents the work done in the field of distribution system. Power distribution systems are the<br>portion of electrical systems that connects consumers to the source of bulk power. Distribution System consists of<br>several substationswhich includes one or more feeders. Radial feeder system consists of having only one path for<br>power to flow from the source to each consumer. The protective systems of radial feeder are essential for the same. In<br>this paper we understand various protective schemes to avoid malfunctioning of electromechanical relay). Through<br>this paperwe are preparing operation of radial feeder protection as real substation environment. Through this<br>protection concept, the students, in addition to getting familiar with the fundamentals of protection, learned how<br>different protection schemes are wired and how they operate in a real power system.</p> Himanshu H Paghdal Chirag P Dholariya Prof. Manan M Desai Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Study on the Environmental Impacts of Distributed Generation Projects in India <p>Distributed generation (DG) plays an important role in restructuring process of Power sector industries.<br>This Paper emphasizes on the role of distributed generation &amp; its Environmental impacts in Indian Power Scenario,<br>as it has much potential to improve Distribution system performance, increasing supply reliability &amp; reduction in<br>transmission line losses.</p> Namra Joshi Jaya Sharma Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Advanced Single Phasing Preventer without Microcontroller <p>For three phase induction motor, it is necessary that all the three phases of supply should present. While it is on load<br>when any one of the fuse goes out, or missing, the motor will continue to run with two phases only, but it will start drawing huge<br>current for the same load. This high current may run the motor unless switched of immediately. A single phasing preventer avoids<br>such a mishap with this circuit; the motor will not run unless all the three phases are present. In this context we need to design a<br>preventer which prevents these mishaps and protects the costly motor under such conditions. The single phase preventer designed<br>by myself is very less expensive and protects reliably the motor which is very costly. In addition to this Single Phase Preventer we<br>had added a Blown Fuse Indicator circuit. Generally, when equipment indicates no power, the cause may be just a blown fuse. Itis<br>a circuit that shows the condition of fuse through LEDs. This circuit will give indicationwhen the fuse is blown due to over current.<br>This compact circuit is very useful and reliable. Ituses very few components, which makes it inexpensive too.</p> Hardik Parmar Marmik Rachh Tarun Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Simulink Implementation of Hysteresis Current ControlledIndirect Field Oriented Drive for Induction Motor <p>Here, main purpose of the indirect field oriented control strategy is to decouple the torque and flux vectors<br>in synchronous rotating frame of induction machine, through which we can achieve an independent speed and torque<br>control and good dynamic response. This indirect field oriented control (Now onwards called as IFOC) scheme will<br>also improve the drive performance. Hysteresis current control technique is used here for closed loop control of<br>inverter because of its simplicity of implementation and quick response. PI controller is tuned by trial and error<br>method here, and is used for speed control so that it will track an exact speed given as a reference input and generates<br>torque command accordingly. Due to the several features of this drive it is very useful in industries and now a days<br>they are replacing traditional scalar controlled drive. Simulation results are discussed here and obtained using<br>MATLAB/SIMULINK package.</p> C. P. Pandya H. R. Khut S. P. Singh Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Al-C Nanocomposite for Advance Power Generation System <p>In the field of power generation especially in Li-ion like rechargeable batteries are now hands on its<br>limitation with the help of Nanotechnology. Nanocomposite like Al–C blend materials has been effective by highenergy ball milling technique. The electrical measurements demonstrated that the Al-C composites have profoundly<br>improved electrical performances in analogy mutually Al, Al-C as an anode. For concrete illustration, this improved<br>electrical resistance could be concerning the alloying establishment of Al with C and the buffering effect beside<br>graphite matrix with the help of Laser-arc deposition technique. This suggests that the Al-C building a whole has a<br>potential mishap to be developed as an anode accessories for lithium-ion batteries. With the help of simple method of<br>transforming micrometer-sized Al and C powders into a new nanocomposite modified with carbon or Carbon<br>nanotube (CNT) by the alloying reaction of Al and C to form the Al-C phase and the reaction of the Al-C phase to<br>synthesize the Al-C Nanocomposite was developed using a Laser-Arc deposition technique. These type of<br>nanocomposite are widely applied in various type of electrical application.</p> Shyam H. Vasvani Chirag R. Savaliya J.H. Markna Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Bandwidth Enhancement OfRectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna For WLAN Application Using DGS <p>Defected Ground Structure (DGS) helps in improving the characteristics of many microwave devices. The<br>ground plane of the antenna is etched to change the various properties of the structure. The DGS on the ground plane<br>increases the fringing fields which introduces parasitic capacitance. This introduced parasitic capacitance increase the<br>coupling between the ground plane and the patch, as a result we get enhanced bandwidth. Hence the DGS can be assumed<br>to be an equivalent LC resonator circuit. The position and size of the defect determines the value of LC at a given<br>frequency. The design is suitable for WLAN 3.6/4.9 Ghz and WLAN 5-5.25 Ghz frequency. The simulation is carried out<br>using HFSS simulator.</p> Bhuvnesh Nagori M.P.Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A review on Analysis of Compensation of neutral current in three-phase, fourwire (3P4W) systems <p>Now a days Electrical load demand increases rapidly in all area of domestic network, supplied by three wire<br>and single neutral conductor to each load and forming a three phase four wire (3P4W) system. In that electrical<br>atmosphere each load having unbalancing condition, which causes the situation of non-linear characteristics in neutral<br>conductor carrying neutral current due to use of various switching power electronics devices in day to day life, which<br>harms the neutral conductor and causes defect on loading of distribution transformer while consider the safety and<br>reliability of the consumers. Various methods have been surveyed in literature to overcome this problem. This review<br>paper carried out a comprehensive survey of neutral current compensation methods and their technical and economical<br>limitations. Simulations analysis carried out for single phase shunt active power filter in MATLAB environment in this<br>paper.</p> Prakash Odedara Asst. prof. Ajay Varma Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Speed breaker device for generation of Electricity <p>Energy is the first (or most important) need for survival of all organisms in the universe. In this paper we<br>are trying to use one such source. Electricity is created by replacing the usual speed breakers with some simple<br>(machine/method/way). . The basic rule/way of thinking is simple energy (changing from one form, state, or state of<br>mind to another) form mechanical to electrical energy by using the vehicles weight (possible energy) &amp; movement<br>((movement-related) energy). Our paper includes how to use the energy which is wasted when the vehicles passes over<br>a speed breaker..Here the process of Electric Power The (movement-related) energy of the moving vehicles can be<br>converted into mechanical energy of the shaft through rack and pinion (machine/method/way). Then, this mechanical<br>energy will be converted to vac electrical energy using generator which will be saved with the use of an electrical<br>storage device Generation comes under the (machine/method/way) of Electro-(movement-related) power Generator.</p> Priyank Munjani Kaushil Girnari Jayadeep Shingala Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Performance Evaluation of Double Boost Converter using PI and PID controller <p>Power converter is critical component in distributed generation system especially for renewable energy system based<br>distributed generators. This paper represents analysis of transient behavior for Double Boost Converter with closed loop control by<br>the use of PI and PID controller. The Converter modelled in MATLAB/Simulink environment. Controlled PWM signal for line<br>variation and load variation is obtained by means of PI and PID controller. A state space average model of the boost converter has<br>been developed and by Ziegler Nichol’s method the parameters of PI and PID Controller are obtained. All the simulation results<br>are obtained using MATLAB.</p> Chirag P. Suchak Ankit Kumar Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Speed Control of dc Motor using dc to dc Converter(Boost Converter) <p>The project is designed to the switched-mode dc-dc converters are some of the most widely used power<br>electronics circuits for its high conversion efficiency and flexible output voltage. These converters used for electronic<br>devices are designed to regulate the output voltage against the changes of the input voltage and load current. This leads<br>to the requirement of more advanced control methods to meet the real demand. Many control methods are developed for<br>the control of dc-dc converters. To obtain a control method that has the best performances under any conditions is<br>always in demand.<br>Conventionally, the dc-dc converters have been controlled by linear voltage mode and current mode<br>control methods. These controllers offer advantages such as fixed switching frequencies and zero steady-state error and<br>gives a better small-signal performance at the designed operating point.. These controllers are robust concerning<br>converter parameter variations, load and line disturbances. SM controlled converters generally suffer from switching<br>frequency variation when the input voltage and output load are varied. This complicates the design of the input and<br>output filters. The main objective of this research work is to study different control methods implemented in dc-dc<br>converter namely (linear controllers, hysteresis control, and current programmed control.</p> Sambad Dipak Sidpara dharmesh S.H maru Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 LLC Resonant converter Design and contolled with PWM technique <p>There are different types of DC-DC converters available in a market for different applications. But in the<br>conventional DC-DC converter there are some problems like, it creates high switching losses and poor voltage<br>conversion ratio under certain conditions. So in this work proposed DC-DC converter is presents the analysis between<br>conventional and proposed methods for DC-DC conversion techniques. In terms of achieving High efficiency the voltage<br>conversion ratio must be improved. It is also include the study of Design and simulation of resonant converter. It<br>provides the better idea for DC-DC conversion to gain the maximum efficiency without affected by supply variation.</p> Parth Pandit Nitin Adroja Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Interfacing of Solar Panel with Maximum power point Tracking in off Grid <p>Energy generation is the most important issue in today’s life. Non-Renewable energy resources are not only limited but<br>also problem create for environmental pollution. Renewable energy resources are only solution for this problem. Solar energy is<br>rapidly gaining the focus as an important means of expanding renewable energy uses. Solar panel those convert solar energy into<br>electrical energy are costly and inefficient. So that Different mechanisms are applied to increase the efficiency of the solar panel<br>to reduce the cost. Solar tracking system is the most important technology to increases the efficiency of the solar<br>Panel by tracking the sun. A microcontroller based design of an automatic solar tracker is presented in this paper. Light<br>dependent resistors are used as the sensors of the solar tracker. A model of solar tracking system is also constructed for<br>implement the design methodology.</p> Prof.M.S.Nathavani V.M.Ghanva2 V.N.Bambhaniya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Energy and converge optimization at disaster situation using Mobile sink in Wireless sensor network <p>In this position paper we address key challenges in the deployment of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) with<br>mobile sinks for large-scale, continuous monitoring. Each sensor node is a low-power and constrained device, generally<br>composed by: a processor with limited processing power; a restricted quantity of memory; a sensor board, which may<br>contain different kinds of sensor data acquisition devices; a battery, which provides power for the sensor node work and a<br>radio that allows wireless communication. the main aim of these researches is to extend the network lifetime, since, in the<br>operational environment, to charge or to exchange the sensor nodes' batteries is probably an impossible/unfeasible<br>activity. we have also present algorithms that address some of the problems that arise in this field and compare that<br>methods. Disasters management and emergency services used to protect a person or society from the cost of disasters.<br>Timely report and responses are especially important for reducing the number of sufferers and damages from incidents.<br>In such cases, the communication structure that may not function well. This makes it hard to gain information about the<br>incident, and then to respond to the incident rapidly and properly. Sensor networks can provide a good solution to these<br>problems through actively monitoring and well-timed reporting emergency incidents to base station. Our objective on<br>this topic aim to study different sensor network protocols to resolve some key technical problems in this area, thus<br>identify the energy efficient wireless sensor network architecture for significant improvement of disaster management .<br>We propose an opportunistic routing scheme for increasing battery life in wireless sensor networks operating in volatile<br>environments.</p> Prof. Bhaumik Machhi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Study & Analysis of SOA based E-Learning Academic System <p>SOA is software architecture. It is real solution to integrate system resource utilities in academic<br>system supporting modular design, ware application integration and interpolation software reuse, otherwise it<br>will be difficult to manage the large scale distributed system. SOA web services works with open standards,<br>such as SOAP, WSDL AND UDDI. This Paper firstly analyses and compares the current academic system<br>and proposed system with SOA. How SOA is helpful to improve the performance of system via comparison of<br>parameter such as efficiency, reuse, and shortens, life-cycle, reduce cost.</p> Prof. Amit Gohel Prof. Nilesh Advani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Particle swarm optimization technique & optimization for reducing energy consumption in WSN by PSO <p>A number of basic variations have been developed due to improve speed of convergence and quality of<br>solution found by the PSO. On the other hand, basic PSO is more appropriate to process static, simple optimization<br>problem. Modification PSO is developed for solving the basic PSO problem. The observation and review focusing on<br>function of PSO, advantages and disadvantages of PSO, the basic variant of PSO, Modification of PSO and applications<br>that have implemented using PSO. The application can show which one the modified or variant PSO that haven’t been<br>made and which one the modified or variant PSO that will be developed. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is composed<br>of a large number of small nodes with limited functionality. The most important issue in this type of networks is energy<br>constraints. In this area several researches have been done from which clustering is one of the most effective solutions.<br>The goal of clustering is to divide network into sections each of which has a cluster head (CH). The task of cluster heads<br>collection, data aggregation and transmission to the base station is undertaken. In this paper, we introduce a new<br>approach for clustering sensor networks based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm using the optimal fitness<br>function, which aims to extend network lifetime. The parameters used in this algorithm are residual energy density, the<br>distance from the base station, intra-cluster distance from the cluster head. Simulation results show that the proposed<br>method is more effective compared to protocols such as (LEACH, CHEF, PSO-MV) in terms of network lifetime and<br>energy consumption.</p> Prof. Bhaumik Machhi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 DDRS algorithm over DoS Attack in Wireless Communication Due to Jammers <p>Jamming attacks in wireless communication are subset of denial of service (DoS) attacks in which malicious<br>nodes block legitimate communication by causing intentional interference in networks. To better understand this<br>problem, we need to discuss and analyze, in detail, various techniques for jamming and anti-jamming in wireless<br>networks. There are two main aspects of jamming techniques in wireless ad hoc networks: types of jammers and<br>placement of jammers for effective jamming. To address jamming problem, various jamming localization, detection and<br>countermeasure mechanisms are studied. Finally, we describe the open issues in this field, such as energy efficient<br>detection scheme and jammer classification. Main objective of this paper to overcome the effect of DoS in wireless<br>communication by improving packet delivery ratio, throughput, Control Packet Overhead. Here DDRS algorithm<br>provides detection as well as recovery from DoS attack. this system provides variation in energy consumption, delay<br>variation, throughput variation on node. DDRS provides protection against Jamming techniques vary from simple ones<br>based on the continual transmission of interference signals.</p> Prof. Bhaumik Machhi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 INTERNET OF THINGS: A SURVEY ON WEB BASED IOT APPLICATION <p>The term IoT-Internet of Things can be defined as A system of inter related computing devices, mechanical and<br>digital machines, objects, animals or people which provides unique identifiers and capability to transfer data over the<br>network in the absence of human- to- human or human- to-computer interaction. The Web technologies such as HTTP<br>that provides uni-directional communication mechanism and Web socket that provides bi-directional communication<br>mechanism. This study implements the web based IoT application for the home automation and the social sensing.</p> MONIKA B. KHAKHARIYA Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Implementaion of Energy Efficient Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network <p>this paper contains the algorithm, implementation and results of the emery efficient algorithm for<br>routing in Wireless Sensor Network. The WSN nodes have limited power backup. Complex routing algorithms<br>would drain the battery and it will decrease the overall efficiency of the network. The proposed algorithm saves<br>the power for the efficient routing.&nbsp;</p> Prof. Shreya Sanghvi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Analysis of Human Computer Interaction <p>The History of HCI is briefly reviewed together with three HCI models and structure including<br>CSCW, CSCL and CSCR. It is shown that a number of authorities consider HCI to be a fragmented discipline with<br>no agreed set of unifying design principles. An analysis of usability criteria based upon citation frequency of<br>authors is performed in order to discover the eight most recognised HCI principles.</p> puter Interaction M Harshit K Radhanpura Rajat J Busa Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Fault Injectioning: A Review <p>Testing is one of the important phases of SDLC life cycle as it checks for fault tolerance &amp; reliability for<br>software. Websites &amp; Web portals get infected by malicious Adware in real life scenario. So some specific mechanism<br>is required to acknowledge this kind of problem in after deployment stages. One of the mechanisms to get rid of this<br>situation is to use the web service fault injectioning. Fault Injection can be done in websites and resolution is provided<br>by real time web services. Fault injection methods and tools can be used. Fault injection can be done at different<br>layers. Appropriate method/tool and injection layer can be decided.</p> Kavan Dave Bhavesh Tanawala Hemant Vasava Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Advancement in Current E-Commerce Technique <p>Todays, companies are aiming to transform their business to business (B2B) e-commerce models. Moving<br>away from the traditional reliance on distributor and sales representatives, they are adopting semi-modern e-commerce<br>platform while seeking to convert the entire system into a more robust, advanced package. The ultimate goal of an ebusiness is to generate revenue and make a profit, similar to traditional businesses. It is factual that the Internet has<br>improved productivity for almost all the organizations that are using it. To generate revenue, an ebusiness either sells<br>products and services. The end result would be a differentiation between them and their competitors, increased market<br>share, and increased customer loyalty. The e-commerce website is based on business-to-customer. By developing a<br>website the particular store can be available in global market 24 / 7 to purchase any of the items. In this review paper, we<br>have discussed some points about advancement in current ecommerce, representing what the ecommerce are in actual, how the system<br>of ecommerce are going on.</p> Harshit K Radhanpura Mustufa S Tinwala Rajat J Busa Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Detail Study of Dynamic Data Warehousing <p>Dynamic warehousing is not a product, tool or simple one-off solution. It is an approach that enables you<br>to hand over more dynamic business seeing into by getting mixed together, making great change, getting<br>together and getting at details seeing into from structured and unstructured information. The result is a framework<br>for delivering right-time, contextual information for both strategic planning and operational purposes. Enabling<br>dynamic warehousing requires a set of services that extends old and wise knowledge for computers storing and going<br>to person in authority to support the increasing number of businessprocesses and applications having need of given to<br>getting details powers, and to house the demands for more force full business power.</p> Prof.Chirag Vala Prof.Krunal Vasani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Implementation in Cloudsim of Mobile Cloud Dynamic Partitioning Technique <p>Now a days, Mobile Users use most of Cloud Computing related services like SAAS, PAAS IAAS among<br>them Software as a Services in that mobile user send the request to the nearer server to access some services. From<br>that how can that requested service provides to the Mobile user is another challenge. This paper highlights the<br>concept of how dynamic partitioning technique can improve the performance of Mobile in Cloud Computing<br>Environment. To perform that task in real life generally mobile user doesn’t know about the services of the Cloud<br>Computing in to specific Mobile environment. In the real world Mobile user send the request through the Internet site<br>and access that service in Cloud Environment. Then whatever the services required by user that given or set Mobile<br>user to Cloud Environment through the Internet. That shows the Implementation in Cloudsim Environment.</p> Prof.Chirag Vala Prof.Kunal Vasani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 TRIPLE EXTRACTION <p>Characterization of “Non-ISA” factual sentences can be used in Ontology learning. Characterization<br>identifies subjects, objects and relations between them. It also identifies subject modifiers and object modifiers.<br>Ontology Learning (OL) as a research field has been motivated by the possibility of automated generation of formal<br>knowledge based on top of Natural Language (NL) document content so as to support reasoning based knowledge<br>discovery. Most of the work done in this field has been made in Light-Weight OL, not much attempt has been made in<br>Heavy-Weight OL. Ontology Learning is automated generation of ontologies from documents that contain natural<br>language text. Characterize of “Non-ISA” factual sentences in English involve different stages like Triple Extraction,<br>Normalize, Singularize and Characterization. In this paper we are going to focus on Triple-Extraction part which<br>helps in characterization of sentences. In this module it converts Complex and compound “Non-Isa” into simple<br>sentences. Characterization of Simple sentences are far easier than compound and complex sentences. This<br>characterization can be useful to further convert a “Non-ISA” factual sentence in English into its equivalent<br>Description Logic (DL), which is a part of Heavy weight OL, which makes the information retrieval very effective and<br>reliable.</p> Vishal Kansagra Prof. Sourish Dasgupta Darshan Thoria Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 3D PRINTING <p>This is an exploration paper on 3D printing which has turned into an eminent theme in today's mechanical<br>examination. In this paper, we will take a gander at added substance assembling or 3D printing. We will firstly<br>characterize what we mean by this term and what is so critical about it. We will dive a bit into the history. At that point<br>we should see about the procedure of 3D printing and the materials utilized as a part of the production of 3D printed<br>objects. We might like wise see the favorable circumstances of 3D printing when contrasted with ordinary strategies for<br>assembling. We should watch the various applications it is being out to utilize today. At last the future capability of this<br>innovation is illustrated.</p> Hardik Vasani Nidhi Hirapara Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Analysis of Different Group Key Management Protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Network <p>As Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) has dynamic infrastructure, poor physical security and shared<br>physical medium, key management is a challenging task. MANET has not fixed structure and so it is of potential<br>security concern because neighbor nodes cannot be trusted. All the group oriented application like video<br>conferencing, software distribution within a group and interactive multi-party business session use the multicast<br>transmission for efficient communication and to save network resources. In many multicast environment, new node<br>can enter and current node can leave at any time and existing members must have to communicate securely using<br>multicast key management for MANET. The much apt solution to provide these services like authentication,<br>confidentiality, integrity and secure multicasting is the establishment of key management protocol.<br>In this paper, we aim to evaluate an overview of different group key management techniques for MANET like<br>Enhanced Optimized Multicast Cluster Tree (EOMCT) algorithm, Group Member Authentication Protocol (GMAP)<br>and an Efficient Rekeying Function Protocol (ERFP).</p> Vishakha Sanghavi Vijay Dubay Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A REVIEW: PRE-PROCESSING ANALYSIS OF MARATHI SPEECH TO DESIGN HEARING AID ALGORITHM <p>This paper is an overview of the state of the art<br>The main topics include two items: Hearing loss, Hearing aids&amp; Performance for Marathi speech in different<br>conditions. The objective of this study were to study about the hearing loss, study about hearing aids with hearing<br>impairments, and bring to use the da<br>conclusion, the most hearing loss uses two method consist of questionnaire about hearing, and screening strategy,<br>which to be carried out a clear process and period of time for scr<br>normal hearing and hearing loss in adults. The main improve digital signal processing strategies of hearing aids<br>include noise reduction and acoustic feedback reduction generates to provide amplification<br>quality. The popular simulation program for digital signal processing because the tools and functions in the<br>management. Main objective of this paper is to measure performance of HA in different background condition for<br>Marathi speech. This includes recognition of consonants Vowels, Syllables recognition by HA user in different<br>background situation.</p> Sheetal N. Patil Prof. Dr.J.B.Patil Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 MRI Observations of Japanese Encephalitis in Newborn <p>Japanese encephalitis (JE) is one of severe viral encephalitis that affects individuals in Asia, western Pacific<br>countries, and northern Australia. Although 67,900 JE cases have been estimated among 24 JE epidemic countries annually.<br>Japanese encephalitis epidemics have been reported in many parts of the India. The incidence has been reported to be high among<br>pediatric group with high mortality. The incidence of JE in recent times is showing an increasing trend, it claims 1495 lives in 2014<br>in India. The MRI is an important tool for establishing the diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis and it helps to differentiate from<br>other viral encephalitis. In this paper Particle filtering approach is used to segment the brain MR image of JE victim and its<br>volumetric analysis is performed. This analysis play important role for neurologist for early detection of JE.</p> Jitendra P Patil Ravindra D Badgujar Vinod R Patil Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Comparative Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment <p>Cloud computing represents different ways to design and manage from far computing apparatuses. Load<br>Balancing is an important aspect of cloud computing environment .This paper presents different a load balancing<br>designs in different cloud environment based on requirements detailed in Service Level Agreement. Among implemented<br>load balancing algorithms, ant colony optimization algorithm has achieved a better doing a play, when compared to<br>others. Load balancing algorithms play a challenging task in cloud computing.</p> Ankit S. Togadiya Pradip C. Togadiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A SURVEY PAPER ON AUDIO TAMPERING DETECTION TECHNIQUES <p>Digital Forensic is a process of multimedia signals such as images, audio or video it is used to recover the<br>evidences set of scientific techniques. These techniques are used to reveal or identify the history of digital evidences,<br>such as, 1) to identify the acquisition device that produced the data, 2) retrieve information from the digital signals<br>and 3) to validate the integrity of the digital contents. In multimedia important vulnerability is copyright infringement.<br>It means the integrity and authenticity issue. Now a day, in lawsuit, civil and criminal proceedings, use of digital<br>audio and video evidence content are increasing. As per the literature survey enough research has been done on<br>image and video but there is a lack of study in digital audio file. There is some method available to check integrity and<br>authenticity of audio file. In this paper we have discussed various methods to detect forgery in audio file and their<br>pros and cons.</p> Hiteshri N Patel Ravi K Sheth Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 SECURE ULTRALIGHTWEIGHT CRYTOGRAPHY FOR RFID PASSIVE TAG: A SURVEY <p>&nbsp;RFID system is one of the fastest growing technologies among the automation applications needed in<br>Organizations, Institution, and Supply Chain Management etc. Along with non-line of sight capability, RFID tag’s<br>capability of durability, reusability, data encryption, increased storage and faster read rate etc. makes RFID systems<br>much efficient, faster and robust than other existing systems such as barcodes, magnetic taps etc. The UMAPs are<br>very important to the widespread deployment of low-cost RFIDs. The UMAPs protocol is vulnerable against<br>traceability attack and forward traceability attack and many others as attacker uses loopholes arises from the<br>extremely small memory and very limited calculating power of tags and by using on-tag ultralightweight operations,<br>which includes the cyclic redundancy check, the exclusive-or, the random number generation, the pseudo random<br>number generator (PRNG) and lightweight cryptographic hash function operations attacker carries out different<br>attacks. This weakness present in UMAPs protocol also does not provide the security and privacy of RFID users. We<br>are taking some UMAP protocol like Yu-Jehn protocol, LMAP, EMAP and others for a survey to study and find the<br>vulnerabilities in these protocols along with the comparison table. This paper shows review of all UMAP protocols<br>and vulnerabilities of all the protocols.</p> Priyanka Pandey Chandresh D. Parekh Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review Paper on Detection and Prevention Mechanisms for ARP Attacks <p>Network security is very important task in today’s life. Basic task of it is to providing the access rights to<br>legitimate users and monitoring the activities of network. One of the network protocol is address resolution protocol<br>(ARP). It maps the IP address to its corresponding MAC address. But the problem of this is that it is stateless protocol<br>in ARP Poisoning attacker sends fake ARP messages on LAN, so it can gain the access and after getting access it may<br>intercept data frames on network, modify traffic or stop the traffic. ARP Poisoning attack is the gateway for DoS<br>attack, MITM attack and session hijacking attack. So there is the need of some unique solution which can overcome<br>the problems of ARP Poisoning attacks.</p> Deven Bhatt Vikas Jha Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Computing Cloud <p>Cloud computing is model which uses combine concept of “software-as-a-service” and “utility<br>computing”, provide convenient and on-demand services to requested end users. Security in Cloud computing is<br>an important and critical aspect, and has numerous issues and problem related to it. Cloud service provider and<br>the cloud service consumer should make sure that the cloud is safe enough from all the external threats so that the<br>customer does not face any problem such as loss of data or data theft. There is also a possibility where a malicious<br>user can penetrate the cloud by impersonating a legitimate user, thus infecting the entire cloud and affects many<br>customers who are sharing the infected cloud.</p> Surbhi Dodiya Prof. Alpesh Patanwadia Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Android Application for Scan a Fake Currency: “Money Detector” <p>Forged or fake currency is the largest problem in the country like India. Forgery is intense in currency<br>transactions also hard to detect in day to day life. Latest advancement in the printing has made it difficult for the layman<br>&amp; shopkeeper to recognize fake currency in monotonous routine. As far as smart phones are concerned every human has<br>a smart phone with them. So an application which can detect fake currency notes it is a big advantage for people can be<br>prevented from being victim of frauds. People can take it everywhere with them &amp; it also provides service freely.&nbsp;</p> Harsh Sheth Kushal Bhatt Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Emerging Era of Wireless Technology : NFC <p>Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new, short-range wireless connectivity technology that evolved<br>from a combination of existing contactless identification and interconnection technologies. It was jointly<br>developed by Sony and NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips).NFC is designed to enable the exchange of<br>various types of information, such as telephone numbers, pictures, MP3 files or digital authorizations between two<br>NFC enabled devices like mobile phones, or between an NFC enabled mobile phone and a compatible RFID chip<br>card or reader that are held close to each other. NFC is intended to be used as an access key to contents and for<br>services such as cashless payment, ticketing and access control.</p> Himali Pankhaniya Bhakti Gohel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Brief Comparision Between Software Product Line Testing-A Systematic Mapping And Sound Empirical Evidence in Software Testing <p>This survey paper shows comparision of two software techniques.It highlights two software testing<br>techniques:1)Empirical Evidence of Software Testing and 2)Software Product Line Testing.In this paper first we<br>understand each technique and than comparining with following parameters or view points. how it works?what is its<br>prons and cons? How is it implement?And more important issue in software testing is howmuch is it expensive?which<br>is suitable for the developer?</p> Meet Delvadiya Kirti Santoki Devshree Mehta Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Internet of Things (IoT) – Scenarios on Today and Tomorrow <p>This paper presents the current trends in IoT research propelled by applications and the need for<br>convergence in several interdisciplinary technologies and Cloud centric vision for worldwide implementation of<br>Internet of Things. The terms ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘IoT’ refers broadly to the extension of network<br>connectivity and computing capability to objects, devices sensors, and items not ordinarily considered to be<br>computers. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics,<br>software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. The<br>Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure. The<br>IoT is enabled by the latest developments in RFID, smart sensors, communication technologies, and Internet<br>protocols. These smart objects require minimal human intervention to generate, exchange, and consume data.<br>They often feature connectivity to remote data collection, analysis and management capabilities.</p> Lusi K. Bagdai Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Improving the Scalability of Cellular Networks Using Frequency Reuse Technologies and Improving the Handoffs <p>this paper contains the techniques to improve the scalability of cellular network by using different<br>variant variants of cell splitting and cell sectoring. It also contain the hand off handling mechanism.</p> Prof. Shreya Sanghvi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Efficient Data compression Method for PAPR Redcution in OFDM Systems <p>Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is one of the most widely used techniques in<br>broadband communication. But main disadvantage of OFDM is high PAPR. Data compression coding can reduce PAPR<br>significantly. There are many coding techniques used for data compression but here we compare two main coding for it<br>i.e. Run-Length Coding and Arithmetic Coding. In this paper we compare PAPR of Run-Length Coded and Arithmetic<br>Coded signal with original signal. Simulation results shows PAPR reduced of about 2 db for Run-Length Coding and 1.6<br>db for Arithmetic Coding.</p> Mr. Vinitkumar V. Patel Mr. Mahesh B Dembrani Mr. Anupkumar B Jayswal Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 AN EXPERIMENTAL ATTEMPT ON PLAIN CEMENT CONCRETE USING MARBLE DUST <p>Demand for cement continues to grow, and also increase in the cost of conventional building materials; for this objective, the use<br>of industrial waste products and agricultural by products are very constructive. These industrial and agricultural by products<br>such as Fly Ash, Rice Husk Ash, Silica Fume, Marble Dust and Slag etc can be used as cementing materials because of their<br>pozzolanic behavior, and natural fibers like jute fiber, Coconut fiber can be used to increase the tensile strength of concrete,<br>which otherwise require large tracts of lands for dumping, thus the concrete industry offers an ideal method to integrate and<br>utilize a number of waste materials, which are easily available, and economically within the buying powers of an ordinary man.<br>Presence of such materials in cement concrete not only reduces the carbon dioxide emission, but also imparts significant<br>improvement in Tensile strength, and Compressive strength. The present study is carried out for evaluating the influence of<br>Marble Dust and Coconut fibers in M25 &amp; M30 grade concrete. This study presents the results of workability, compression test<br>and split tensile test on concrete which were casted with various percentage of Coconut fibers ranging from0.75% to 1.25% at a<br>regular interval of .25% and Marble Dust ranging from 7.5% to 12.5% at regular interval of 2.5%.</p> Abdulrauf Khatri Pratik Gaghvi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 ITS in India : Scope and Proposed Solution <p>Traffic, can be pronounced as “terrific” when concerned as a burning problem across the globe. In<br>Indian road-traffic, problems like congestion, unpredictable travel-time delays and road-accidents, are taking a<br>serious shape. This calls for the vital need of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which make use of various<br>technologies to alleviate traffic problems. Many such systems exist for developed countries. These countries are using<br>various technologies like Artificial Intelligence, sensing technology and many more. In developing countries, like<br>India, traffic is inherently chaotic and noisy. The ultimate goal behind this paper is to maximize the traffic flow for<br>selected span of Anand city with minimum waiting time. This paper focuses on the use of traffic simulation using<br>SUMO in helping traffic engineers to reduce congestion problem of traffic on road. The focus of Multi Agent System<br>is on accurate modelling of individual agents rather than the design of functions.</p> Shreyansh G.Bhavsar Prashant Swadas Mosin Hasan Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Improved Cost Estimation Tool Using Work Breakdown Structure with COCOMO II <p>In any industry, the cost and effort estimation for any production plays a vital role in the success of that<br>particular business and the same is applicable for the software industry. The wrong software cost estimation may lead<br>any software company to a major loss. There are some standard variants of COCOMO available for the software cost<br>estimation. But still there is a scope of improvement in them, as they alone are not that much sufficient for the proper<br>cost estimation. Here we have developed an easy-to-access software cost estimation tool which will use the work<br>breakdown structure along with COCOMO II for the more accurate software cost estimation and it ensures an<br>effective and faster approach for estimating software project development cost and effort.</p> Divyajit Damor Bhavesh Tanawala Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Appraisal of Load Balancing in Hierarchical Cloud Environment <p>Cloud computing is a buzzword in the IT world. There lies a true picture of the future of computing for both<br>in technical perspective and social perspective behind this elaborated flowing phrase. Computers are used<br>everywhere, may be for work, research or in any such field. Computers are used in our day-to-day life with the<br>increasing computing resources for the society. A cloud consists of several elements such as clients, datacenter<br>and distributed servers. It includes fault tolerance, high availability, scalability, flexibility, reduced overhead<br>for users, reduced cost of ownership, on demand services etc. Central to these issues lies the establishment of an<br>effective load balancing algorithm. The load can be of different types such as CPU load, memory capacity,<br>delay or network load. The term Load balancing may be defined as distribution of the load among various nodes<br>of a distributed system to improve both resource utilization and job response time while also avoiding a<br>situation where some of the nodes are heavily loaded while other nodes are idle or doing very little work. All the<br>processor in the system or every node in the network does approximately the equal amount of work at any<br>instant of time is been ensured by load balancing itself</p> Hemanshi V Dobaria Priyanka Raval Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Different IP Based Geolocation Techniques to Determine the Location of the Host <p>Many applications benefit from using IP geo-location to determine the geographic location of hosts on the<br>Internet. In cloud computing, people get concerned not only of privacy and integrity of their data but its location as<br>well. This is important because several of laws and regulations governing data storage and access mechanisms in<br>different geographical regions. In cloud applications some organizations must ensure their virtual machines stay in<br>an appropriate geographic region. This paper studies basic of geolocation, different IP geolocation based techniques<br>with their detailed methodology of working, pros and cons of existing techniques of IP geolocaiton. This research<br>paper covers Shortest Ping, GeoPing, CBG, Statistical, Learning Based, TBG and Octant. All these methods are used<br>for finding the current geographic location of the Internet hosts.</p> Mr. Kalpit Soni Mr. Tejas Parmar Mr. Bhavin Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Analysis of Threats and Security Issues in the World of Cloud Computing <p>The world has changed its way of communication from centralized to distributed and now towards Cloud<br>computing. Cloud computing allows users to access devices distributed in the network and reduces the management<br>efforts. Cloud computing relies on sharing of on-demand resources like network, application, services, storage and<br>servers. So this way, the resources are used without investing money either in infrastructure or in purchasing expensive<br>licensed new software. The rapid transition from mainframe computers through grid computing to the cloud computing<br>has increased our concern on security. Security of the data is major issue in Cloud Computing because the cloud<br>providers can access data of users at any time. This paper provides a perspective about the Threats and Security issues<br>occurring in the Cloud Computing.</p> Pandya Dhavalchandra Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Study and Analysis of Medical Image Compression Using Compressive Sampling <p>Nowadays in medical science, patience are examined by various medical images. The acquisition of these<br>types of images is very expensive and time lengthy process. Also storage of medical images is one of the problems by<br>considering the number of patience increase day by day. So overcome to problem related to size of storage and lengthy<br>process time, in this paper new acquisition process for medical images is proposed using compressive sampling. The<br>compressive sampling is a new signal processing theory which is sampled and compressed data simultaneously. The<br>compressive sampling process is applied on medical image such as CT, MRI and Ultrasound image. In this paper,<br>compressive sampling process is applied on CT image and the results show that this process reduces the acquisition<br>time and storage size without affecting the quality of the CT image.</p> Rohit Thanki Ved Vyas Dwivedi Komal Borisagar Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 IMPROVE FILTER METHOD FOR FEATURE SELECTION TECHNIQUE IN TEXT MINING <p>Huge amount data on the internet are in unstructured texts can’t simply be used for further<br>processing by computer, therefore specific processing method and algorithm is required to extract useful pattern.<br>Text mining is process to extract information from the unstructured data. A major difficulty of text classification<br>is high dimensionality of feature space. Feature selection method used for dimension reduction. We use filter<br>method for feature selection that use MFD algorithm but main drawback it is it necessary to assign value of F so<br>it’s work for only given features F we overcome this by proposed method in which F value select automatically by<br>pre analyses data set extract unique feature and create feature set F so its work for all unique features and also<br>reduce maximum redundancy by imposing threshold value.</p> Mital Vala Prof. Jay Gandhi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review On: Manual Vs. Automated Testing <p>In Software Development Process, Testing is a very important part. It is to verify &amp; change source code. High<br>quality software produces by Effective Testing. Testing can be done mainly by manually as well as Automated. These two<br>approaches are complementary of each other: automated testing can perform a more number of tests in less time, whereas<br>manual testing uses the knowledge of the testing engineer to target testing to the parts of the system. In this paper we<br>describe advantages and disadvantages of manual and automated testing. Manual testing is a base of automated testing.</p> Drashti Khant Foram Changela Smita Sodha Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Performance Measures of NLMS Adaptive Filter for Noise Estimation and Cancellation <p>Interference cancellation is a technique of utmost importance in the field of signal processing. It is especially<br>essential for speech signal transmission and processing due to the ever-growing application of telephone and cellular<br>communication. Interference cancellation can be achieved by an adaptive filter, a filter which self-adjusts its transfer<br>function according to an optimizing algorithm. The most popular of such adaptive algorithms is the Least Mean Square<br>(LMS) algorithm. The normalized Least Mean Square (NLMS) algorithm can be considered as a special case of the LMS<br>recursion which takes into account the variation in the signal level at the filter output. The performance of these adaptive<br>algorithms is dependent on their filter length and the selected convergence parameter μ. NLMS algorithm is a potentially<br>faster converging algorithm compared to the LMS algorithm. Faster convergence, however, comes at a price of greater<br>residual error. More recent studies that try to relax this trade-off have been directed towards adjustable step-size<br>variations of the two algorithms. Rather than focusing on the convergence behavior, this paper focuses on NLMS<br>Adaptive filter used to minimize the noise signal. Hence, the performance of the NLMS algorithms in interference<br>cancellation has been presented in terms of the Simulink model of the input and output signals. The effects of the filter<br>length and step size parameters have been analyzed to reveal the behavior of the algorithms.</p> Mahesh B. Dembrani Dr. K. B. Khanchandani Anita Zurani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Performance investigation of TDBLMS Adaptive Filter for Noise cancellation <p>Generally, images can be corrupted by different characteristic noises simultaneously, we cannot obtain<br>satisfactory filtering result if only using single filter such as average filter or median filter. Therefore, in this paper a new<br>Adaptive filter algorithm is proposed for filtering the image corrupted by difference noises. Firstly, we construct adaptive<br>structure using neighborhood contrast measure; secondly, divide the image into smoothness, edge and unconfirmed<br>regions based on the adaptive structure; then, adopt corresponding filter for different regions. The algorithm does not<br>need a priori knowledge of images and noises. Image denoising involves the manipulation of the image data to produce a<br>visually high quality image. Different noise models including additive and multiplicative types are used. They include<br>Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise and speckle noise. Selection of the denoising algorithm is application dependent.<br>Hence, it is necessary to have knowledge about the noise present in the image so as to select the appropriate denoising<br>algorithm.</p> Anupkumar B Jayswal Sattendrasing A Seragi Vinit V Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Brief Comparison Between An Automated Testing And Manual Testing <p>Software testing is a huge domain, but it can be broadly categorized into two areas which are manual<br>testing and automated testing. Testing is an integral part of any successful software project. The type of testing<br>(manual or automated) depends on various factors like including project requirements, budget, timeline, expertise,<br>and suitability. Three vital factors of any project are of course time, cost, and quality – the goal of any successful<br>project is to reduce the cost and time required to complete it successfully while maintaining quality output. When it<br>comes to testing, one type may accomplish this goal better than the other. Both manual and automated testing offers<br>benefits and disadvantages. It is worth knowing the difference and when to use one or the other for best results. This<br>paper discusses the difference between both technique and how these techniques are implemented.</p> Dikshita Viradia Payal Bhatt Payal Undhad Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 ‘Beacon’ a Retail's hope: Shopping that's personal <p>since retailers has accepted to provide seamless shopping to the consumers, the line between online and<br>offline shopping is becoming soften. Today shoppers always want to be connected in real time, enchanting, relevant<br>shopping experiences at home, online and in the store or we can say everywhere, on any device. As a result, beacons<br>enters to the world of retailers‟, which is one of the leading ways to enhance in store experience by connecting with<br>customers through their mobile devices. Beacon technology has potential to alter the consumer retail experience<br>dramatically, however it is recent development and so it can be complicated and may be raise some important security<br>and privacy concerns. In this paper we are giving basic fundamental knowledge to the beacon technology, its uses, risks<br>and rewards.</p> Krunal Vasani Darshan Thoria Drashti Hirani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Review on High Frequency hearing loss reduction methods in Digital hearing Aid <p>A high frequency hearing loss will affect a person’s ability to understand speech. People with high<br>frequency hearing loss can hear vowels just fine, but what they can’t hear are the consonant sounds of F, S, T, and Z.<br>Additionally, they are unable to hear higher octaves, like a woman’s or a child’s voice, or a bird chirping. Losing<br>hearing in those frequencies means that those sounds are harder to discern. For individuals with severe or profound<br>hearing loss at high frequencies, it is simply not possible to restore audibility to normal levels using only<br>amplification. As conventional hearing aids (HAs) have largely failed to provide such individuals with highfrequency cues, alternative methods of signal processing have been considered that present information from highfrequency regions of speech to lower frequency regions. The method to be discussed in this article is commonly<br>referred to as frequency lowering (also known as frequency shifting, frequency compression, or transposition).</p> Prashant G. Patil Dr. A.K.Mittra Dr.Vijay.S.Chourasia Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 The Power of Brain: Brain Computer Interfacing <p>A promising means to give back basic communication abilities and a small degree of autonomy to locked-in<br>persons are BCIs. BCI is used to measure the magnetic and electric activity of the brain. The BCI will be the new way<br>of to communicate from person to person and from person to a machine. Brain–computer interfaces (BCI’s) give their<br>users communication and control channels that do not depend on the brain’s normal output channels of peripheral<br>nerves and muscles. Different then the communication, BCI can also be used for the purpose of the multimedia. For<br>more you can imagine that a game is being is played by the multiplayer using BCI. Now a days there is explosion of the<br>research in advance in mobile technologies, bio sensors, data acquisition, data transfer, space research, holographic<br>and advance humanoid robot, but now the future will be of the controlling and interfacing of brain with machine<br>rather than any controlling device’s. For these BCI will be the upcoming technologies for the future decades.</p> Shivrajsinh Rayjada Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Privacy Preserving Data Mining: An Active Research Area <p>Data Mining has plentiful benefits and covers a wide range of applications like modern business, ecommerce, government sectors, health environments, etc. But it is apparent that the gathering and analysis of<br>sensitive personal as well as collective data causes a serious menace to privacy, confidentiality and freedom. This<br>crucial issue has led to emergence of the field called Privacy-Preserving Data Mining and is a state-of-the-art<br>research trend. Privacy-Preserving Data Mining deals with efficient conduction and application of data mining<br>without scarifying the privacy of the data. This paper highlights some of the substantial applications and key methods<br>of privacy-preserving data mining that are target of research in this field.</p> Priyanka Garach Darshana Patel Radhika Kotecha Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Gi-Fi Technology: A Review <p>Now a day the technology has changed from wired connection to wireless connection. Since several queries raised regarding the<br>present technology, the research platform has moved to the next level i.e. Gi-Fi. Gi-Fi is the emerging wireless technology<br>which is ten times faster than other technologies. It uses short range gigabits for data transmission. The growth of this<br>technology will help in the development of next generation devices. Also this paper consists of existing technologies, and<br>provides comparison table of Gi-Fi with technologies in use. It also shows that Gi-Fi has an added advantages over other<br>technology due to its high speed data transfer rate, low power consumption etc.</p> Hemali Depani Dhara Patoliya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 SECURITY ON VEHICULAR AD HOC NETWORK <p>Vehicular impromptu systems (VANETs) are getting expanding considerations from the educated community<br>and organization endeavors from industry, because of the different applications and potential colossal advantages they<br>offer for future VANET clients. Security data trade empowers life-basic applications, for example, the cautioning<br>usefulness amid convergence navigating and path blending, and hence, assumes a key part in VANET applications. In a<br>VANET, vehicles will depend on the respectability of got information for choosing when to present alarms to drivers.<br>The correspondence between auto to auto, auto to roadside unit done through remote correspondence. That is the reason<br>security is an essential concern range for vehicular system application. For verification reason such a large number of<br>data transfer capacity is devoured and the execution turns out to be low. In VANET some genuine system assaults, for<br>example, man in center assault, disguising is conceivable. In this paper we are going to toss some light on the past<br>investigates done around there and will look at the different disadvantages of these explores. After that we are giving<br>diverse issues on VANET lastly close with proposed calculation.</p> Nidhi Hirapara Hardik Vasani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Neural Network For Kidney Disease Prediction <p>In recent year's artificial neural network has found its application in diagnosing the disease, based upon<br>prediction from previously collected dataset. In this paper, four different artificial neural networks are proposed for<br>disease diagnosis, which uses four back propagation algorithm for training the neural networks. The proposed model<br>has been tested on a dataset about kidney disease collected from Apolo hospital. The algorithm used is capable of<br>distinguishing amongst infected person or non-infected person. The results from the two models are compared and<br>analyzed to show the efficiency of prediction by ANNs in medical diagnosis.</p> Nilesh Borisagar Barad Dipa Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Data Mining with Neural Network: A Perspective <p>With the increasing applications of database management systems, large amount of important data is<br>stored and much of its information is hidden. The technology used to extract information from data is Data<br>Mining. Various tools are available to forecast the trends that will support decision of people.<br>Neural Networks or Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) have been a promising system in many applications due<br>to their learning ability from data and generalization ability. Neural Networks are used for prediction,<br>classification, forecasting, and pattern recognition. This paper provides a brief overview of Data Mining with<br>the Neural Network, its tools and process.</p> Foram kalyani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Attribute Based Cryptographically secure (ABCs) Encryption In Cloud Computing: Analysis and Comparative Study <p>In today’s digital world Cloud computing is a revolution knowledge for stream of computing as a utility.<br>That is providing platform and services for enormous-scale of data storage and data manage. Big Data on cloud<br>environment analyze, storage, manage, visualization, security are some challenges that requires more timing and<br>large computation infrastructure processing. Security in terms of data Protection is one of the challenges that<br>overcome use of cryptographic framework through access control mechanism. In this paper we discussed, compared<br>and analyzed of Attribute Based Cryptographically secure (ABCs) Encryption algorithm.</p> Rahul Vora Prof. Priyanka Raval Prof. Kunjal Garala Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Comparative Analysis of Optimized Character Recognition Algoritms <p>Character Recognition, specially Optical Character Recognition is the mechanism of converting soft<br>copy of typed, handwritten or printed text into system encoded text. It is widely used in the area of data reading from<br>printed papers, whether invoices, passport, personal documents, bank statements, machine generated receipts,<br>business cards, e-mail, printouts or any suitable documents. It is a approach to extract out printed texts so that it can<br>be edited on machine and maintained comprehensively in machine either on any kind of storage media, displayed online, useful in processes such as machine translation, text-to-speech, key data and text mining. CR is a field of<br>research in password matching, handwriting matching and computer vision.</p> Asst. Prof. Ravi Khimani Asst. Prof. Nishant Sanghani Asst. Prof. Pooja Vasani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 E-Wallet <p>As there is complexity of today’s most country is to generate electricity by not harming the environment,<br>new techniques must be developed to effectively produce electricity without disturbing the nature and quickly. This<br>project will generate electricity, and physically design a suitable component which intended for creating electricity. With<br>this new and powerful device, it is possible to create electricity, which can light up the whole street lights, shopping<br>malls, railway station and many more. With the help of this device, we can reduce energy crisis which is one of the<br>main problem of today's world.</p> Jaydeep Dave Uttpal Chandra Jay Upadhyay Dhaval Dhameshiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Embeded security <p>Answers for security issues are proposed to ensure the design (secure engineering) and to secure<br>information (cryptography). Security depends on five crucial standards which should ensure the right execution of both,<br>the projectand the correspondence. These five standards are secrecy (encryption), honesty, accessibility, credibility and<br>nonrepudiations. Installed frameworks are intended to do some particular undertaking. It regularly keeps running with<br>constrained PC equipment assets. At the point when ECC is acknowledged in uncommon equipment or on a unique<br>equipment or on a shrewd card crypto co-processor, it gives a speeding up by the component frequently to hundred for<br>160 piece ECC key contrasted with 1024 piece RSA key. Elliptic Bend Cryptography offers a noteworthy change in<br>preparing delay, along these lines making numerous time basic applications practical, in light of the fact that ECrequires<br>much shorter key lengths.</p> Vadhadiya Hemali Shingala Abhishek Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Present Methodologies for Audio Base Music Classification <p>Large audio database available like storage device , CDs, internet, etc. music information retrieval an<br>emerging research area .There are many classification class in music like genre classification, mood classification,<br>artist recognition, instrument recognition, etc. In this paper we summarize the different types of feature set and<br>techniques for feature extraction and music classification. The paper focuses on different types of classifier used for<br>different classification tasks.</p> Vinod R Patil Manisha S Patil Tushar H Jaware Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Survey on Mobile Devices and types of Ofloading Algorithms <p>Mobile phones are essential part of our society. They are becoming smarter day by day. They are used for<br>several purposes like watching videos online, gaming, documentation, of course for communication and many more.<br>More usage leads to more computation; it results in more usage of power and finally results in lower battery backup.<br>A Cloud computing for mobile devices rose like a saviour. This paper includes a survey on various Mobile Cloud<br>Computing Methods used for offloading.</p> Darshan Thoria Drashti Hirani Vishal Kansagara Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 TOURISM AND TRAVELLING <p>there has been a growing focus on innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in tourism<br>industry. Innovation has been playing an increasing role in hospitality industry, and is especially important for the<br>SMEs as well as travel agencies. However, innovation research has been applied to SMEs in hospitality industry on a<br>limited extent. This paper discusses various definitions of innovation and innovation approaches in the context of SMEs<br>in tourism industry. The objective of the paper is to reveals innovation activities of the travel agencies as one of the<br>SMEs in tourism industry. In addition, the paper aims to reveal the relationship between innovation and the operating<br>age of travel agency, and total personnel number of travel agency. To this end, a questionnaire was prepared.<br>Questionnaires were employed to travel agencies operating in Antalya Province which has been known as the capital city<br>of tourism in Turkey. Results have shown that improvements in the production process are so important in the survival<br>of travel agencies. There is a significant relationship between ‘service innovation’ and ‘operating age’. There is also a<br>significant relationship between ‘organizational innovation’ and ‘number of personnel’.</p> Ishan hansalpara Vijay chauhan Rakesh dudhat Nitin harniya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Enhanced AODV Routing Protocol W.R.T Security <p>MANET has gained immense popularity in recent times because of its self-configuration and selfmaintenance capabilities. AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) is commonly used reactive routing protocol in<br>MANETs for route establishment between communicating nodes. Due to lack of centralized monitoring and<br>dynamically changing topology of MANET, they are highly vulnerable security attacks. Black hole attack is a type of<br>denial-of-service attack in which malicious nodes falsely advertise shortest path to the destination node. AODV<br>protocol directs packets towards those malicious nodes and such nodes drop packets. In this paper, an efficient<br>technique to detect and prevent black hole attack is proposed. Calculated results of various network metrics like PDR,<br>NRL and Avg. End to End Delay are for single black hole attack show up to 80% improvement in PDR.</p> Shewaramani Jitendrakumar G Swadas Prashant B Prajapati Nilesh B Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 I TOUCH <p>In today’s hectic life it’s next to impossible that we don’t forget our things. Many of the times it’s the wallet<br>when we are out for shopping, sometimes we forget our important files and documents and we have got an important<br>meeting. And many a times some important documents like passport and so on. Keeping in mind all this problems we<br>decided to work upon it and concluded upon a one simple solution to all the problems and that is the “I-TOUCH”. This<br>technique is useful to everyone. In this technique we can give access to all the data by simply using our fingerprint with<br>a secure pin code. It manages all the bank accounts, you can give authorized access to our family members, make<br>payments; can keep important documents such as passport, driving license, etc. It can be customized in many more<br>features. And on top of it we get the best security and can access our data in minutes.</p> Nirav Goti Chirag Gojaria Twinkle Jadeja Denisha Modi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Efficient Approach for Detecting and Preventing DoS/DDoS attack on Web Server <p>in today’s world the growth of Internet is increase tremendously. With the increase in internet more<br>number of people connects to internet, so more number of chances of attacks is also happen. To defend various kind<br>of attack is challenging task in current internet. Out of many attack DoS/DDoS attack are perform measure role to<br>slow down the internet (Web Server). User does not get resources at right time. Users have to wait for resources. Many<br>techniques are introduced like machine learning, artificial intelligence base technique to defend this attack. In this<br>paper we focus on naïve bayes data mining classification with the use of KDD Dataset for detection of DoS/DDoS<br>attack. We also develop threshold base mechanism with the use of CAPTCHA technique to prevent the web server<br>after detecting DoS/DDoS attack.</p> Chirag D. Patel Chirag A. Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Experimental Study and Analysis of security on AODV <p>MANET is one of the most promising areas in research. MANET is infrastructure less network with<br>various characteristics like open medium, dynamic topology, scalability etc. But due to these characteristics it is<br>suffering from security aspects. Thus security can be more important in today’s world. MANET is used for<br>communication among moving nodes and when security of message is concern it must provide services like<br>confidentiality, integrity, Authentication etc. Various security protocols are designed to avoid various attacks but still<br>show performance issues like high overhead, high delay, less throughput, packet delivery ratio is high etc. Thus it can<br>be said that when we add security its performance decreases. Our paper shows experimental study of AODV and<br>security on AODV. We have compared the results of AODV and secure AODV (based on RSA).</p> Khanderia Arzoo Trishla Shah Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An image processing based novel approach for eye movement detection <p>Statistics suggests that there are more than 20000 new cases of quadriplegia every year in all over<br>the world. Great people like Stephen Hawking and Max Brito have been suffering from this crippling phenomenon. Our<br>project is an attempt to make lives of the people suffering from this phenomenon simple and by simpler we mean selfreliant, which will thereby reinstate their confidence and their happiness. The idea is to create an Eye Monitored System<br>which allows movement of the patient’s wheelchair depending on the movement of eye.</p> Rahul Davera Ankur Rathi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 AN EMERGING DEVELOPMENT OF BIOMETRIC SYSTEM: A NOVEL APPROACH OF SECURITY <p>Biometrics is a growing technology, which has been widely used in forensics, secured access and prison<br>security. A biometric system is fundamentally a pattern recognition system that recognizes a person by determining<br>the authentication by using his different biological features i.e. Fingerprint, retina-scan, iris scan, hand geometry,<br>and face recognition are leading physiological biometrics and behavioral characteristic are Voice recognition,<br>keystroke-scan, and signature-scan. In this paper different biometrics techniques such as Iris scan, retina scan and<br>face recognition techniques are discussed.</p> N.C.Kaneriya B.M.Mori S.Rangarajan Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Email Based Trust Management System <p>Trust management has received a lot of attention recently as it is an important component of decision<br>making for electronic commerce, Internet interactions. Email based trust management system prevent the email<br>based fraud. In this paper I am going to explain the trust management approach for the e-mail based environment<br>encryption system using digital signature. Simple Mail Transport Protocol is the most widely adopted protocol for<br>e-mail delivery. However, it lacks security features for privacy, authentication of sending party, integrity of e-mail<br>message, nonrepudiation and consistency of e-mail envelope. This digital signature system takes into account the<br>device limitations and thus generates a functional digital signature. Email is encrypted with the public key of<br>receiver and decrypted by receiver’s private key &amp; the email is sign by digital signature so that email server can<br>accept that email.</p> Alpesh Patanwadia Bhaumik Macchi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Techniques of Image processing <p>Picture preparing is a strategy to perform a few operations on a picture, keeping in mind the end goal to get<br>an upgraded picture or to concentrate some helpful data from it. It is a kind of sign handling in which info is a picture<br>and yield might be picture or qualities/highlights connected with that picture. These days, picture handling is among<br>quickly developing innovations. It shapes center examination region inside of designing and software engineering trains<br>as well. A picture preparing and recovery framework in which pictures are caught and put away at the remote site where<br>the archive processor is situated, with code lines from the reports caught and transmitted to a focal host PC site,<br>whereby the bookkeeping and money related records might be done at the host PC at the focal site and picture<br>proclamations and other picture handling movement to prepare the picture might be done at remote locales. Picture<br>improvement systems help in enhancing the deceivability of any bit or highlight of the picture stifling the data in different<br>parcels or elements. Data extraction procedures help in acquiring the measurable data about a specific element or<br>segment of the picture. This paper concentrates on the different systems of the picture preparing related examination of<br>earlier years.</p> Ankita R. Harsoda Hardik K. Sangani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Automatic Segmentation of Brain MR Images of Neonates and Premature Infants using KNN Classifier <p>This paper focuses on the development of an accurate neonatal brain MRI segmentation algorithm and its clinical<br>application to characterize normal brain development and investigate the neuro-anatomical correlates of cognitive impairments.<br>Neonatal brain segmentation is challenging due to the large anatomical variability as a result of the rapid brain development in the<br>neonatal period. The segmentation of MR images of the neonatal brain is a fundamental step in the study and assessment of infant<br>brain development. The highest level of development techniques for adult brain MRI segmentation are not suitable for neonatal<br>brain, because of substantial contrasts in structure and tissue properties between newborn and adult brains. Existing newborn<br>brain MRI segmentation approaches either depend on manual interaction or require the utilization of atlases or templates, which<br>unavoidably presents a bias of the results towards the population that was utilized to derive the atlases. In this paper, we proposed<br>an atlas-free approach for the segmentation of neonatal brain MRI, based on the KNN classifier. The segmentation of the brain in<br>Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a prerequisite to obtain quantitative measurements of regional brain structures. These<br>measurements allow characterization of the regional brain development and the investigation of correlations with clinical factors.</p> Tushar H Jaware Dr K B Khanchandani Ms Anita Zurani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 OVERVIEW ON INTERNATE OF THINGS (IoT) <p>The Internet, is one of the great innovation among all the innovations. Now days, the Internet is basic<br>requirement of every human beings. In today’s world we can see different types of communication like human-human<br>or human-device. By attaching the information with things (devices) and using the Internet we can achieve the<br>communication between devices to devices. This paper’s aim is to provide overview of Internet of Things (IoT) and it<br>also describes six layered architecture of Internet of Things.</p> Mr. Vishal Kansagara Mr. Darshan Thoria Ms. Drashti Hirani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Improvement in Overall Response Time in Closest data center allocation in cloud computing using CloudAnalyst tool <p>Cloud computing is a latest new computing paradigm where applications, data and IT services are<br>provided over the Internet. Cloud computing serves different types of the resources in virtualized form which can be<br>utilized dynamically. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to<br>store and process their data in third-party data centers. Organizations use the Cloud in a variety of different service<br>models (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) and deployment models (Private, Public, Hybrid, and Community). Cloud Analyst is a<br>tool developed at the University of Melbourne whose goal is to support evaluation of social networks tools according to<br>geographic distribution of users and data centers. In this tool, communities of users and data centers supporting the<br>social networks are characterized and, based on their location; parameters such as user experience while using the<br>social network application and load on the data center are obtained/logged.</p> Pooja Vasani Nishant Sanghani Ravi Khimani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Smart Card for Smatter Access <p>today, smart cards are widely used in variety of applications of human life. We demonstrate how 1-of-n<br>encoded speed-independent circuits provide a good framework for constructing smart card functions that are resistant<br>to side channel attacks and fault injection. A novel alarm propagation technique is also introduced. Smart Cards are<br>secure portable storage devices used for several applications especially security related ones involving access to<br>system’s database either online or offline. Moving from special-purpose operating systems with single application into<br>multi-purpose operating systems with open architecture, is proof of claim. A smart card is a card with a microchip<br>embedded in it. The evolution of smart card technology provides an interesting case study of the relationship and<br>interactions between securities. For the future of smart card to be bright, it is important to look into several aspects<br>and factors especially those resulted due to the rapid advancement in information and communication technology.<br>The embedded chip, however, empowers the card to be useful in a variety of environments.</p> Bhimani Kaushal Hingrajiya Milan Kamaliya Vishal Kaneriya Jay Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Quick Reporting <p>The main purpose of this application is to prevent photographic fraud. Nowadays many government<br>servants’ sends duplicate pictures to his superiors of any places, and take money from them. General public who have<br>insurance policy making fake damaged incident of their property and due to these Insurance Company passes their<br>insurance policies.</p> Ketan Harsoda Bhavna Barad Nirali Trivedi Namrata Sumakiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Automatic Emotion Detection <p>Facial expressions analysis most significant part for human computer interaction. Now days, face emotion<br>recognition is most important application of computer vision that can be used for security, entertainment and human<br>machine interface. Automatic face emotion recognition is still challenging &amp; emerging problem with many applications<br>such an automatic surveillance, robot motion, video indexing and retrieval and monitoring systems. Emotion<br>recognition and classification depends upon gesture, pose, facial expression, speech and behavioral reactions, etc. In<br>this paper, an automatic emotion recognition and classification method is based on Genetic Algorithm and on neural<br>network. This system consists of 3 steps which automatically detect the face emotion image: First, pre-processing such<br>as adjusting contrast, colour segmentation, filtering, and edge detection is applied on the input image. Secondly,<br>features are extracted with projection profile method due to high speed which has taken as processed input image.<br>Finally, in third stage to compute optimized parameters of eyes and lip through the GA, then emotions (neutral, happy,<br>sad, dislike, angry, surprise and fear) is classified using artificial neural network. The proposed system is tested on a<br>face emotion image. The obtained results show that better performance of genetic algorithm along with neural network.</p> Zala Hiranba Pansuriya Nirali Jajal Aayushi Rabadiya Dhara Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Money Counter Application <p>Now a day’s Money Counter Machine available but it’s not portable and small size. Today<br>widely use of money counter in mall, bank, company. It count and easily but it size is very big and it’s not<br>portable. Our project is money counter application. We can count money or currency using mobile<br>application. We can count money with mobile application in our application. We use mobile camera and<br>count money. It is very easy to use and portable. We can count money any time and every place because<br>this application in our mobile phone. It is more flexible and portable.</p> Banugariya Nirali Domadiya Darshika Kanzariya Hetal Nimavat Disha Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 FLOODING AND DIRECTED DIFFUSION PROTOCOL FOR WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK <p>Wireless sensor network consist of thousand nodes which has a capabilities of computation, sensing an event<br>and forwarding a packet. Most of nodes losses their energy during communication (when they are forwarding packets<br>and receiving packets). Energy consumption is main concern of wireless sensor network, so by reducing the average<br>energy required during communication by nodes, we can maximize lifetime of that particular network. There are many<br>applications which require fast communication between nodes hence they require minimum delay between them.</p> Mr. Vishal Kansagara Mr.Bhaumik Macchi Mr. Darshan Thoria Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Overview: Comparative Analysis between CELP and ACELP Encoder for Wireless Communication <p>Speech coding is categorized by way of the process of sinking the bit rate of digital Speech representation for<br>transmission or storage, while preserving a speech quality that is acceptable for the application [2]. Speech coding is an<br>important feature of modern telecommunications. The primary impartial of speech coding is to represent the speech signal<br>with the least number of bits, while keeping a satisfactory level of quality of the retrieved or synthesized speech with<br>reasonable computational complexity [9].To attain great quality speech at a little bit rate, coding algorithms put on<br>sophisticated methods to reduce the redundancies, that means to eliminate the irrelevant information from the speech signal.<br>In addition, a lower bit rate suggests that a lesser bandwidth is required for transmission [10]. Code excited linear<br>prediction and algebraic code excited linear prediction speech coding techniques useful in wireless communication for<br>compression of speech signal to improve the data rate. The CELP coding operated under 8kbps exploited to transmit the<br>minimum amount of speech signal in Codeword with minimum error is formed to synthesis the speech signal.In ACELP coder<br>the speech signal transmit with minimum 4kbps speed so we have to reduce the bit rate more &amp; more compare to CELP<br>coder.</p> Prof.R.N.Rathod Prof. M.V.Makwana Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Impact of IoT (Internet of Things) on Libraries <p>Nowadays, We are using internet in communication with human –human. But Internet of things is a<br>technology which provide communication to things . Any object will have a unique identification and address, so that<br>every object can be connected. It is 1995 for IoT. We heard about today’s technologies in 1995 and now we are using<br>them frequently. Around 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to by the year 2020.When every sector will<br>connected with IoT, libraries also will need transform its services. An attempt has been made to explain Introduction<br>of IoT, its growth and impact on service industry , Impact on library Services and its expanded use in library.</p> Namrata M.Joshi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Splunk : for the Internet of Things <p>The Internet of Things (IoT) has been defined in a number of different ways. Generally speaking, it<br>refers to a global, distributed network (or networks) of physical objects that are capable of sensing or acting on their<br>environment, and able to communicate with each other, other machines or computers. Such 'smart' objects come in a<br>wide range of sizes and capacities, including simple objects with embedded sensors, household appliances, industrial<br>robots, cars, trains, and wearable objects such as watches, bracelets or shirts. Their value lies in the vast quantities of<br>data they can capture and their capacity for communication, supporting real-time control or data analysis that<br>reveals new insights and prompts new actions. In this paper we have described Splunk software tool, which is ideal<br>for managing and analyzing the high velocity, volume and variety of data generated by IoT</p> Darshan Thoria Drashti Hirani Vishal Kansagara Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Enterprise Mobility : Analogy among Popular Cross Platform Application Development Tools <p>Mobile computing in the enterprise is still relatively immature, primarily due to the complexity of the<br>applications that support mobility. Up to now, the development of these applications has traditionally spanned<br>operating systems, devices, and any number of development frameworks. The vendors in each of these categories<br>have had distinct approaches to mobile application development that reflect their core competencies. Yet, as is often<br>the case with technologies that are rapidly maturing, some of these approaches are on the verge of becoming<br>obsolete. Due to the rise of mobile application development platforms (MADPs) in the enterprise, it is becoming much<br>simpler to develop mobile applications that can run on almost any platform. In this paper, we present an elaborate<br>comparison of several popular cross-platform mobile application development tools, namely, Xamarin,<br>PhoneGap/ApacheCordova, Appcelerator Titanium, Kony and Corona. We provide a pragmatic comparison from<br>different perspectives like ease and cost of development including programming language and tool support, endproduct capability and performance and community support. This comparison aims to support mobile application<br>vendors from a large scale, from freelancers to enterprise development teams, when making a choice with respect to<br>their specific requirements and constraints.</p> Darshan Thoria Drashti Hirani Vishal Kansagara Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Study on Green Cloud Computing and Technologies <p>Now a day’s data processing power goes hotfoot, therefore we have “Cloud Computing” concept to fulfill<br>this need but some of the harmful gases and chemicals are released contributing to high operational costs and carbon<br>footprints to the environment due to the use of high performance cloud servers for advance computations. A huge<br>amount of power consumptions of datacenters has become a key issue. This key issue leads to one of the contemporary<br>and conspicuous research field “Green Computing”, where many researchers are analyzing on providing the<br>productive way to use energy in efficient manner. Green cloud computing is the concept that can not only save energy<br>but also reduce operational cost by using power aware scheduling techniques and minimal virtual machine designs etc.<br>This paper will help the researchers and administrators to have a clear understanding of benefits of green cloud<br>computing. It also discusses the techniques of green cloud computing.</p> Archana Acharya Akanksha Mathur Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Optimized Distributed Data Mining using Multi Agent System <p>Data Mining is an emerging field which has a great emphasis on the concept of finding patterns and trends from large<br>quantities of information. Data Mining is performed on Data Warehouse which is simply large amount of stored temporal<br>information which is stored at a central site. Then it is accessed and algorithms are run on them to extract useful modules<br>of information from that data. However there are many complex systems available in which single data mining is not<br>feasible, for that Distributed Data Mining is necessary. Distributed Data Mining (DDM) is widely used in commercial<br>world to get effective results faster than simple or single data mining (SDM) technique [1]. DDM simply uses divide and<br>conquer technique in wider terms in which large amount of data are divided into small chunks and passed onto different<br>systems where those individual systems run algorithm and generate their own results. After that all the results are<br>combined together centrally. This solves the problem of Resource Constraint and allows better resource utilization with<br>less expense. DDM Architecture with Multi Agent is a system having multiple agents capable of reaching goals which<br>are very difficult for a single system to achieve.<br>This paper is the integration of two technologies namely multi-agent system and distributed data mining, also known as<br>multi agent based distributed data mining, in terms of significance, system overview, existing systems, and research<br>trends.</p> Hiren Savaliya Niraj Trivedi Yagnik Hathaliya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Comparative Survey Of Different Classification Techniques In Data Mining <p>Classification is a data mining (machine learning) technique used to predict group membership for data<br>instances. Classification is used to find out in which group each data instance is related within a given dataset. It is<br>used for classifying data into different classes according to some constrains. Several major kinds of classification<br>algorithms / techniques including decision tree induction, Bayesian networks, k-nearest neighbor classifier, casebased reasoning, genetic algorithm, C4.5, ID3 and fuzzy logic techniques. The goal of this survey is to provide a<br>comprehensive review of different classification techniques in data mining.</p> Asst. Prof. Nishant Sanghani Asst. Prof. Pooja Vasani Asst. Prof. Ravi Khimani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A User Centered Perspective Framework for Web Search <p>The Internet, and Specially the World Wide Web playing an important role of the current information<br>age because of the huge amount of information and the large number of users who get access to this information.<br>Data fusion on the web refers to the merging of the ranked document which is a unified single list; those are<br>retrieved in response to the user query by more than one web search engine. Metasearch engine perform it and<br>their merging algorithm utilize the information present in the ranked list of retrieved documents provided to them<br>by the search engine, such as the ranked position of the retrieved documents and their retrievals scores. This<br>paper investigates information retrieved by web search engine and provides effective and usable information to<br>user.</p> Nikita K. Shukla Jemi M. Pavagadhi Manilal B. Kalariya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 SKINPUT : HUMAN ARM AS TOUCH SCREEN <p>Skinput is a new technology which simply means skin + input. It is an input sensing technology that is<br>created to use skin’s surface as an input device .our skin is capable of producing natural and unique vibrations when<br>tapped at different places. Bio-Acoustics sensing forms the base for the Skinput technology to pinpoint different<br>finger-taps on the skin. When it is augmented with a Pico-projector, the device is capable of providing direct<br>manipulation, graphical user interface on the body. It’s an innovative skin based technology which allows person’s to<br>use their own hands, arms as touch screens by sensing natural mechanical vibrations that propagates in different<br>parts of skin. For sensing body, armband is used. For the Skinput technology, it is not necessary for the skin to be<br>invasively instrumented with sensors, tracking markers or any other things.</p> Sapna Khatter Nymphea Gogia Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Energy Efficient and Scalable Routing in MANET using Ant Colony Optimization and Zone Based Routing Protocols <p>Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a network.<br>There is no fix infrastructure in MANETs. Routing in MANET is biggest challenge for researchers.ACO algorithm<br>uses mobile agents called ants to explore network. Ants support to find routes between two nodes in the network. ZRP<br>is based on border casting of data which is also used in our work. In this paper our work is based on ants jump from<br>one zone to the next zones which contains of the proactive routing within a zone (with 30mW power level) and reactive<br>routing between the zones (with 60mW power level).</p> Shradhdha Bhalodia Vaseem Ghada Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Improved Technique for Detection and prevention of Blackhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Network <p>Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is a growing innovation in today’s world and has an widespread variety<br>of usages for example forest fire detection, traffic surveillance, flood detection, battlefield surveillance etc. However<br>WSN can be pretentious by various attacks which obstructs ordinary operation of the system. Security and reliability<br>of sensor network is in a smaller amount because of random architecture of sensor nodes in uncluttered environment,<br>power limitations, memory limitations and unattended nature. In general, two types of Attacks are in WSN- active<br>attacks and the passive attacks. Black-hole attack is harmful active attacks. We have reviewed many technique<br>regarding Blackhole Detection and Removal. And proposed a mechanism for discovery and removal of Blackhole<br>attack from network.</p> Kashyap Dave Prof. Vaseem Ghada Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review on Limited Labeled Data in Data Stream <p>Assigning labels to unlabeled data in data streams from the few labeled data is a momentous and<br>interesting issue for machine learning and data mining that commonly looks in real world stream classification<br>hitches. Till now there are few research work has been done to labeled the unlabeled data for stream data, but Most<br>existing work on classification of data streams take that all streaming data are labeled and the class labels are<br>promptly available. However, in real-life uses, such as fraud and intrusion detection, this suspicion is not generally<br>valid. It has more costly and time consuming to labeled the data manually. Accuracy of labeling the data stream is<br>between 34% to 95% . But for image dataset of stream data we have maximum accuracy is 78%. In proposed<br>approach with the use of SVM (support vector machine) and co-relation to the image type of stream data we can<br>improve accuracy for labeling.</p> Hiral Desai Jay Gandhi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review on l-diversity with clustering in privacy preserving <p>detailed personal data is regularly collected and sharing in very huge amount. All of these data are useful<br>for data mining application. These all data include shopping habits, criminal records, medical history, credit records<br>etc. On one side such information is a very useful resource for business association and governments for choice<br>analyzing. On the other side privacy regulations and other privacy concerns may prevent data owners from sharing<br>information for data analysis. Two basic handling systems used to accomplish anonymization of a data set are<br>generalization and suppression. Generalization refers to replacing a value with a less particular however semantically<br>predictable value, while suppression refers to not releasing a value at all. This generalizes and suppression based<br>Anonymity is good choice to hide personal information from the attackers but it also suffers from information loss. In<br>propose method here use clustering approach to the l-diverse anonymity, this algorithm first clustering instances<br>based on sensitive attribute and then arrange them with less information loss and as per the criteria of l-diversity.<br>With this approach information loss is minimized. Proposed algorithm makes this approach efficient.</p> Dharmik Vasiyani Jay Gandhi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Energy Efficient Cluster Based Data Aggregation Technique In WSN <p>Wireless sensor network is used for health monitoring, environment monitoring and controlling<br>applications. Sensor nodes are very small devise and it has limited functional capabilities. Limited battery power<br>is the major constraint because if sensor node die, it will decrease network lifetime. So to increase network<br>lifetime, must think about less energy consume by sensor nodes. It is possible using data aggregation which<br>reduced redundancy from data and less no of data transfer to the base station, it increase network lifetime. In<br>this paper we proposed a technique which use residual energy and location to the base station to select the CH<br>and also use AVG (AVERAGE) function for data aggregation. Also check than size of cluster be almost similar.<br>We compare experimental result of proposed algorithm with LEACH protocol.</p> Naina Boricha Prof. Vaseem Ghada Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Analysis for the Effect of Selfishness Attack on AODV Protocol <p>A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is the system of self-designing hubs without having any settled base<br>and topology. In portable specially appointed system all the hub have restricted battery and lifetime in the system.<br>There is numerous directing conventions depend on presumption that each hub forward parcels to other hub however<br>a few hubs are make trouble or non-helpful which is known as selfish hub. In this paper we examined about the<br>distinctive IDS system to distinguish the selfishness hub in the mobile ad hoc network. Then after we implement the<br>Selfishness attack based on energy and compare it with original AODV protocol.</p> Gajiyani Rizwana Prof. Ghada Wasim Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 PATTERN RECOGNITION AS AN EMERGING TREND OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE <p>Pattern recognition is one of the well-known trait of artificial intelligence. Pattern recognition has become<br>more and more famous and plays a pivotal role into IT field since 1960’s. This research paper introduces basic<br>classification of pattern recognition algorithms as well as models and AMALGAMATION model which combine two<br>or more traditional models to get the best result as output. The final goal of pattern recognition is to build a machine<br>which will act like a human being and can recognize all the pattern by using its algorithm at a faster pace just like a<br>brain of human.</p> S. Rangarajan B. M. Mori Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Imerging Trends of Holographic Technology and it’s Future <p>Holography term comes from the Greek word. HOLO means whole and GRAPHY means to write or to<br>project something. Actually it is the development of Hologram. Holography is the technology which maps the real<br>world into imaginary 3D model. This technology gives the 3D projection of any model without geographic locations. It<br>uses in various movies, Political campaign, medical field and at so many other places. It is going to be the best<br>technology of future.</p> T.C.Detroja H.C.Detroja N.C.Kaneriya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 An Efficient Image Processing Technique To Automatically Detect Microcalcifications in Mammograms of Breast Cancer <p>Breast Cancer is one of the Major Causes of Death of Women in the World. Early Detection of Breast<br>Cancer is a Key Point for Successful Breast Cancer Treatment Process. Cancer Detection Using Computer Aided<br>Diagnosis (CAD) is an Active Field of Research. CAD System Provides tool to radiologist for making decision about<br>discover of Breast Cancer. In Order to Provide Primary Identification of Breast abnormalities, Several CAD Systems<br>has been developed. This Paper Presents Early Detection of Breast Abnormality like Microcalcification Using Image<br>Processing Techniques. Algorithm Implemented for Microcalcifications Detection in Mammogram Image. The Image<br>from Database is Preprocessed Using Filtering and Image Enhancement Technique which makes Image more<br>effective for Analysis. Paper Presents Median Filtering Method to remove noise and Adaptive Histogram Equalization<br>for Image Enhancement. Image Analysis is done by Image Segmentation. Paper Presents Improved Otsu’s Automatic<br>Thresolding Technique for Image Segmentation. Impurities of Segmentation is Removed by Post Processing. Paper<br>Presents Morphological Operation for Post processing. Fifteen Patient’s Mammograms have been processed.<br>Mammogram dataset has been taken from Scientific Diagnostic Center. We Found Our Approach can be very useful<br>to Radiologist to detect Microcalcifications and gives good Result.</p> Hena Vadi Pooja Vasani Ashish Kothari Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Optical Burst Switching Network: An Overview <p>Optical Bursts Switching (OBS) is a relatively new optical switching paradigm. In this paper, I give an<br>introduction to optical burst switching (OBS) and compare it with other existing optical switching paradigms like circuit<br>and packet switching. Contention and burst loss in OBS networks are major concerns. In this paper I have also discussed<br>about OBS network architecture and enabling technologies of OBS. To resolve contentions, an interesting alternative to<br>discarding the entire data burst is to partially drop the burst. Partial burst dropping is based on burst segmentation<br>concept that its implementation is constrained by some technical challenges, besides the complexity added to the<br>algorithms and protocols on both edge and core nodes. In this paper, the burst segmentation concept is investigated, and<br>an implementation scheme CPQ is proposed and evaluated.</p> Denisa S. Gardhariya Piyush D. Kanani Dhaval P. Khunt Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Dynamic Marketing Portal <p>No such management portal is available especially for marketing staff. The dynamic marketing<br>portal is designed for those organizations which have marketing staff. With help of this system user can track<br>production, selling, expenses, demands, etc. This system follows management hierarchy and system is highly<br>confidential. Company-admin have rights to supervise whole work whereas employees only can do their task<br>and submit it and get touch with his manager. Manager can assign work to employee and make watch on<br>employees report and do some other tasks where customer only gives feedbacks and tells demand to this portal.</p> Kuldeep K.Jindani Shruti K. Saipariya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Analysis and Implementation of Mediated RSA And Identity Based Cryptography in Cloud Computing to Enhance Security <p>Cloud computing is becoming very important framework to provide number of services like, data storage,<br>computation, infrastructure, software etc. over internet through virtualization of systems. So, security of data in all<br>those services needs to consider. Attacker can try to attack on data or communication and can harm the system. Such<br>attacks are like man-in-the-middle attack, chosen plaintext, chosen cipher-text, denial of services. There are techniques<br>exist like Public key Infrastructure (PKI) to prevent attacks. In this paper, a proposed system is discussed which can be<br>used to prevent data from such attacks. This proposed technique is combination of Identity Based Encryption (IBE)<br>and Mediated RSA (mRSA) techniques for Cloud environment. The IBE is used to reduce difficulties and overhead of<br>certificate management during communication between users. It is done by using Hash functions. And Mediated RSA<br>technique is used to provide easy key generation and key management during communication and to remove some<br>critical problems exist in PKI.</p> Asst. Prof. Ravi J Khimani Asst. Prof. Nishant S Sanghani Asst. Prof. Pooja P Vasani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Review of Synchronization Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks <p>Synchronization is ordained in generally types of wireless sensor networks in any case that requires timebased collaboration of one or greater of the nodes of the network. A profession example of this require for<br>synchronization is a case location combine in which the positions of objects are promised based on time of removal<br>measurements made at all nodes. The principle of synchronization becomes more important as the specification for<br>measurement principle increases. This paper reviews literature that is currently at hand on methods of achieving and<br>improving the principle of synchronization in distributed sensor networks.</p> Avinash Kanjiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Consistent Approach for Defending MANet from Jellyfish Attacks <p>The collection of wireless mobile nodes which forms the temporary network without using any kind of<br>network infrastructure is called Mobile Ad hoc network. The channel is wireless, topology is dynamic so, there is no<br>clear line of defense. Due to these reasons, the MANETs are prone to numerous security attacks. This paper focuses on<br>the most important kind of routing attack –jellyfish attack. We use AODV routing protocol to understand the attack and<br>its prevention. In jellyfish attack, the malicious node will delay the forwarding of the RREP packet to the next adjacent<br>node in the MANET. Here we present the solution to this type of attack by taking the nodes of the network into<br>promiscuous mode. It means other nodes in the topology can hear the packets sent from and received by the neighbor<br>nodes.</p> Prof. Shreya Sanghvi Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 A Scheduling Algorithms on Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing <p>Needing to quick increase in use of Cloud computing, moving of more and more applications on cloud and<br>request of clients for more services and better outcomes, load balancing in Cloud has become a very interesting and<br>important make observations area. load balancing is most important for good at producing an effect operations in made<br>distribution conditions. Many algorithms were suggested to make ready good at producing an effect mechanisms and<br>algorithms for giving to the clients requests to ready (to be used) Cloud network points. In this paper, Also works out<br>their qualities to get separated the Issue of good at producing an effect virtual Machine business managers in Cloud<br>computing. We have a discussion and make a comparison these algorithms and techniques in in connection with of<br>different doing a play lines of numbers to make ready an overview of the latest moves near in the field.</p> Umesh Kanpara Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 3D Internet <p>Web today has turned into a vital piece of our lives. The World Wide Web which began as a little dull<br>information archive has now gotten to be monstrous and crucial. Present exercises being mostly or totally connected<br>with the virtual world can be enhanced to a larger amount. Each movement connected with our everyday life is<br>mapped and identified with some substance in the advanced world. The world has seen unlimited progressions in<br>Internet and in 3D stereoscopic presentations Time has come consolidate the two to convey another level of<br>experience to the clients. 3D Internet is a thought which is yet to be executed and requires programs having the<br>property of profundity discernment and manmade brainpower. On the off chance that this property is joined then the<br>thought of Internet of things can turn into a reality which is likewise talked about in this paper. In this paper we have<br>examined the components, conceivable setup strategies, applications, and points of interest and deterrents confronted<br>in the usage of 3D Internet.</p> Hina K. Patodiya Raj V. Hingrajia Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Comparitive analysis SHAREit vs Xender vs Zapya <p>SHAREit vs Xender vs Zapya the best and the fastest apps available so far again each other to see which<br>one is better. All three app can be used for transferring Videos, apps, music, games, pictures, contacts, documents and<br>other transferable files from one device/PC to another. SHAREit, Xender &amp; Zapya all support iOS, Android, WP, PC<br>and MAC. We show in this paper all three apps individually. Starting with SHAREit since it is the most popular and<br>very old app when it comes to files sharing. I have personally used it for a very long time.</p> Sweetu Faldu Dharti Chapanera Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Comparative Analysis of 3G and 4G for Mobile Communication <p>Mobile communication does not depend on a physical connection between the sender and receiver that is<br>move from physical connection to wireless connection. It is extremely fast to developing, thanks to advance technology<br>that is field of mobile and wireless communication.3G is the 3rd generation of wireless technologies. 3G comes with<br>enhancements over previous wireless technologies. It is a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile<br>telecommunication services.4G is 4th generation of wireless technologies.4G was introduced to provide a Wide Area<br>Network for internet access.</p> Chapanera Dharti Faldu Sweetu Dhandhukiya Neha Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Motion of Humanoid Robot <p>Humanoid robots are already common in theme parks such as Disneyworld and Universal Studios where the<br>investment for a new attraction is substantial. In this paper we represent basic introduction of humanoid robot. We mainly<br>concentrate on actuators of robot and movements of robot. In this paper, there is an approach to teach incrementally human<br>gestures to humanoid robot. The learning process consists of projecting the movement. As we know all robots are not the<br>same. However, the number of degrees of freedom, range of joint motion, and achievable joint velocities of today’s<br>humanoid robots are far more limited than those of the average human subject. In this paper, we describe motion in<br>different humanoid robots. Those robots are: Sarcos humanoid robot, Biped humanoid robot, HRP-3P, and HRP-3.</p> Kuldeep Jindani Shruti Saiparia Jay Tevani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Evolution of Wifi Towards Lifi <p>Li-Fi stands for Light-Fidelity,For the fast increasing gadgets and to improve more effective use of lights a<br>new technology is developed which is called- LIFI. Lifi is a modern technology which is used in progression with WIFI<br>technology. LIFI uses LED lights which helps in faster and flexible data transfer transmitted through Wi-Fi. Li-Fi can<br>provide wireless indoor communication. The data transfer through LIFI is in bits and is much faster than Wifi. Li-Fi is<br>the transfer of data through light by taking fiber out of fiber optics and sending data through LED light.</p> Dhara Patoliya Hemali Depani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Computer Science & Engineering, SLTIET <p>Cryptographic Algorithms are sorted into like in size key algorithm and asymmetric key algorithm.. This<br>grouping is based on the number of keys or key groups used for the encryption and decryption. In like in size key<br>algorithm ,same single key or key put is used for both encryption and decryption ,where in asymmetric key algorithm;<br>different keys used. Public key is used for encryption and private key is used for decryption. widely used asymmetric key<br>or public key systems like RSA ,Diffie-Hellman and like in size key or private key systems DES,3DES ,AES.</p> Pradip C. Togadiya Ankit S. Togadiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Intrusion Detection Methods in MANET <p>Instruction detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks is a hard work because these networks with motion change<br>their topologies; exist without strong amount points where grouped traffic can be got broken up (into simpler parts); put<br>to use base structure less protocols that are readily moved to taking care of expertly; and get support from on noisy,<br>stopping at times radio making connections. needing payment to base structure less network safe news and supporting the<br>power to make connections in the existence of persons fighting against one is chief Issue; as an outcome of that, make<br>out the attack types and selecting a good at producing an effect go into discovery methods are especially important for<br>Manet applications. The purpose of this paper is to guidelines on selecting go into discovery methods in MANET. To<br>clearly make, be moving in the go into discovery methods in ad-hoc networks, We attempt to present a move near, with<br>which some having existence go into discovery techniques can be got mixed together and more increased go into<br>discovery techniques can be undergone growth that can be took up to radio ad-hoc networks.</p> Poonam J. Desai Hiren J. Gondaliya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Wormhole Attacks In MANET <p>Unlike, old and wise radio networks which have belief in on fixed base structure for the news, ad hocnetworks do not have any fixed base structure rather it is the group of the self-ruled and self-organized readily moved<br>network points. These readily moved network points are free to move in and out of the network. MANET is more open to<br>attack to safety attacks of the bad network points because it has no clear apparatus of arguments for person whom law<br>process is against. The openness, forceful and infrastructure-less nature makes it prone to the safety being, saying violent<br>behavior. As the existence of bad network points is one of the greatest safety being, saying violent behavior in the<br>MANET, so it has become necessary to give effect to a strong answer for its safety. MANET can be attacked by 2 kind of<br>attacks active(action-bound) and passive(actionless) attacks. Active attacks are wormhole attack, black hole attack, gray<br>hole attack, flooding, spoofing and so on. and hearing private talk on purpose, business trade observations comes in the<br>sort of passive attacks. In this paper paper, We have introduced a wormhole attacks, representing what the wormhole<br>attacks are in current, how they attack the network and the Consequences caused by these attacks. Wormhole attack aims<br>disguise itself as the shortest way than the first form shortest way in the network, in that way, confusing the sending the<br>way mechanisms of the things not fixed ad-hoc network. It can be easily pushed into water without having any before<br>knowledge of the network and its safety mechanisms gave effect to within the network. This paper gives one's mind to an<br>idea on the MANET and the Consequences of wormhole attack by making, be moving in the related make observations of<br>earlier years.</p> Hiren J. Gondaliya Poonam J. Desai Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Enhancement in Execution Time and Resource Utilization using Scheduling in Cloud Computing <p>Cloud computing is a popular topic all over the world nowadays, through which customers can access<br>different types of resources and computer power via a web browser as a service . Cloud computing has emerged as a<br>popular solution to provide easy access to externalized IT resources. One of its major advantages leading to its<br>widespread application includes concepts of virtualization. There are different resources in cloud environment<br>like Virtual Machine ,CPU resource, Memory ,Hard disk space of server machines located in datacenter. The server<br>machines are consuming energy to provide services to users in cloud computing. For analyzing the resource<br>allocation as well as utilization in cloud computing environment which is scalable to n servers then we will require<br>Cloud scheduling which will create the virtualized resources as per requirement. The main aim of this work is to<br>enhance the execution time and resource utilization of different in form of a cloudlets using Cloudlet scheduling<br>algorithm.</p> Asst. Prof. Nishant Sanghani Asst. Prof. Pooja Vasani Asst. Prof. Ravi Khimani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Novel Approch For Online Agricultural Marketing <p>In this project application based on android. The title is ‘AGRI-TECH. We are going to carry out this<br>project under the time period of 1 year and weekly only on weekend.Our android app i.e. ‘AGRI-TECH’ shows<br>many features out of them one is price rate notification that means the price which farmer have decided to sell for<br>his crop, he gets reminder or notification on his mobile, which is updated from market yard. Because the admin<br>panel belongs to manager of market yard for updating the price list. If the farmer is satisfied with that price then<br>he can sell the crop online.Another feature is farmer can buy the fertilizers, seed online from the dealers, which he<br>finds satisfied with that person and within a time period it is delivered at his place.</p> Khyati Sojitra Krupali Shingala Disha sanandiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Human and Computer interaction with “Internet on Things” <p>The Internet of Things (IoT) represents to the use of smartly connected devices, instruments and systems to<br>leverage data collected by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and other physical objects. IoT is expected to spread<br>rapidly over the coming years and this convergence will unleash a new dimension of services that improve the quality of life of<br>consumers and productivity of enterprises, unlocking an opportunity that the GSMA refers to as the „Connected Life‟.</p> Krupali Shingala Khyati Sojitra Hemali Vadhadiya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Analysis of Image Morphing Algorithm <p>In this paper, the Author makes a comparison of difference techniques for morphing algorithm and provides<br>the expert on giving idea of movement with enough information to make a detailed good quality being good, right for his<br>one needs.</p> Satyam H. Antara Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Analysis and Implementation Optical Character Recognition using Template Matching <p>Optical Character Recognition is one of the most successful applications of technology in the field of<br>pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. It deals with recognizing optically processed characters. OCR by using<br>Template Matching is a system prototype that useful to recognize the character or alphabet by comparing two images<br>of the alphabet. This system prototype has its own scopes which are using Template Matching as the algorithm that<br>applied to recognize the characters, characters to be tested are alphabet (A – Z), grey-scale images were used with<br>Times New Roman font type and recognizing the alphabet by comparing between two images. The processes are<br>starting from the acquisition process, filtering process, threshold the image, clustering the image of alphabet and<br>lastly recognize the alphabet.</p> Asst. Prof. Ravi J Khimani Asst. Prof. Nishant S Sanghani Asst. Prof. Pooja P Vasani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Content Based Image Recognition by color and texture features of image <p>Nowadays digital database growing rapidly in size and so to find the image we need expediently in the<br>spatial relationship feature and then classify the tremendous database into different sorts. There is also difficulty in<br>searching images on web. Content based image retrieval system allows the user to present a query image in order to<br>retrieve images stored in the database according to their similarity to the query image. Content based image retrieval<br>system refers to the retrieval of content of images rather than the standard keywords. In this system composite feature<br>measure, which combines the color and shape features of an image? Improved performance of retrieval by color<br>features that generated from efficient color quantization and considered the spatial correlation with the Histogram<br>matrix matching method. Here it also supplemented the color information using shape information with the improved<br>moment invariants. Testing of the technique on image database consisting of different images. The method of system<br>is the robust than the previous method under the various situations such as rotation images, translation images, noise<br>added images, gamma corrected images and so on.</p> Asst. Prof. Nishant Sanghani Asst. Prof. Pooja Vasani Asst. Prof. Ravi Khimani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Gait Authentication <p>This paper describes Gait Authentication which is an emerging biometric technology which involves people<br>being identified purely through the analysis of the way they walk. It has attracted interest as a method of identification<br>because it is non-invasive and does not require the subject’s cooperation. This paper presents approaches of Biometric<br>gait recognition and security and challenges of it as well. There are three types of Biometric gait recognition: machine<br>vision, wearable sensor and floor sensor. Gait patterns are extracted from physical device which is attached with lower<br>leg. From output of device acceleration in three directions are noticed: vertical, forward-backward and sideways motion<br>of lower leg. Two different methods are used for authentication: histogram and cycle length. In histogram equal error rate<br>is 5% and in cycle length it is 9%.This paper contain cycle length detection. In this paper we have discussed on spoof<br>attacks on Gait authentication systems as well.</p> Shruti Saiparia Kuldeep Jindani Jay Tevani Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 Testing Techniques of Cloud <p>Programming testing has been one of the repetitive errand in SDLC. Testing of programming once in a<br>while turns into an immoderate procedure. Organizations need to purchase equipment to perform different sort of<br>testing which requires huge spending plan. Distributed computing has diminished a lot of these expense. This paper<br>talk about significantly about Cloud processing how it is being utilized for testing programming. It is likewise giving a<br>brief presentation of different danger presented in cloud testing.</p> Disha R. Sanandiya Krunal R. Bangoriya Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13 The Survey on Fuzzy based Routing Techniques in DTN <p>Delay Tolerant network is very large and sparse network compared to simple MANET .When two mobile node<br>comes to each other within a range and exchange the information these scenario is called “contact” in DTN. Here in DTN<br>end to end connectivity is not possible because of varying of contact time and very large network area. So the ordinary<br>routing protocol of MANET like OSR ,DSDV are not usable for DTN. Due to different nature of network DTN require some<br>new protocols which can provide store and forward mechanism. Today DTN has large set of protocols like Epidemic , Spray<br>and wit , PropHet and other more .In this paper we surveyed different papers based on fuzzy logic decision mechanism<br>technique in DTN.</p> Jani Paresha. D Prof N.B Patel Copyright (c) 2022 2016-12-31 2016-12-31 3 13