Consistent Approach for Defending MANet from Jellyfish Attacks


  • Prof. Shreya Sanghvi CSE Department, SLTIET




The collection of wireless mobile nodes which forms the temporary network without using any kind of
network infrastructure is called Mobile Ad hoc network. The channel is wireless, topology is dynamic so, there is no
clear line of defense. Due to these reasons, the MANETs are prone to numerous security attacks. This paper focuses on
the most important kind of routing attack –jellyfish attack. We use AODV routing protocol to understand the attack and
its prevention. In jellyfish attack, the malicious node will delay the forwarding of the RREP packet to the next adjacent
node in the MANET. Here we present the solution to this type of attack by taking the nodes of the network into
promiscuous mode. It means other nodes in the topology can hear the packets sent from and received by the neighbor



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