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Call for Paper for August 2020, Volume-07, Issue-08 Last Date is 31/08/2020.

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Sphero Droid - Pendulum Based Spherical Robot
Considerable amount of researches are being done on mobile robot from last century, over different aspects like control, motion, sensing, and many more. In terms of motions various designs are available from usage of limbs or actuators. For a spherical robot, it possesses various advantages in terms of motion, navigation. A spherical robot also offers almost zero friction due to very unique property of sphere i.e. single contact point. But by using rolling motion, a limbless robot can be made. The rolling motion is created by use of rotation done by sphere. This leads us to the development of the Spherical Mobile Robots. These spherical robots possess various advantages in terms of motion, strength, and ease of motion over rough terrine. The spherical shaped robots can also be made gas and liquid proof depending over situations. This paper is about design and development of a spherical robot (termed ‘Sphero Droid’) using pendulum principal. Presently droid is controlled wit
Others Details
Paper Id : 150118134114
Author Name : Dr. (Mrs.) P. Malathi
Co-Author Name(s) : Narendra Kumar NikamShubham KumarSakshi
Volume/Issue No : Volume 07 Issue 02
Page No : 1-4
DOI Number : DOI:10.26527/IJAREST.150118134114
Publication Date : 2020-02-10
License : This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
website :
ISSN Details : eISSN: 2393-9877, pISSN:2394-2444